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Moya is a Leviathan, a race of living space ships.  They certainly don’t look organic, but Moya is curvaceous and sleek and behind the hull are numerous veins and hull tissues.

Leviathans are capable of faster than light travel (it’s only defensive manoeuvre) and also capable of supporting life for it’s crewmembers.

Because of it’s power and speed, the Peacekeepers were keen to modify Leviathans for battle and breeding.  They developed huge ‘collars’ and a number of other control devises and instigated a breeding programme (for which Moya was to be the prototype).

The Leviathans can fly themselves but need a Pilot to navigate, and man the control systems.  There is a race of beings that are exactly suited for this and are ready and willing to be surgically implanted (permanently) since it is the only way they can achieve space travel).

Both Pilot and Moya are sentient and individual. Pilot cares deeply for Moya, and this is foremost where his loyalties lie.

The Starburst is an energy intensive process that propels the ship faster than light for short bursts.  Moya needs to spend several hours recharging it’s batteries before another Starburst can take place.  Moya can travel incredible distances in seconds and it is not required to know where the ship will end up before engaging the Starburst Drive.

The Peacekeeper experiment to breed a Leviathan was successful in that Moya gave birth to a little Leviathan.  The young ship (called Talyn) developed an affinity with Aeryn (presumably because she was a Peacekeeper) and has a number of very powerful weapons.

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Moya has a couple of transports used for ferrying passengers to and from the ship, a docking beam used for assisting other visitors to the ship and a number of small drones called DRD’s used for carrying out repairs and in some cases protecting the ship from aggressive guests.

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