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    Over twenty years have passed since the Butlerian Jihad began. Harkonnen and Atreides have united under the banner of Butler against the father of the Atreides the Titan “Agamemnon” and his Master the Computer sentience known only as “Omnius”.

    Dissention is in the ranks however as Agamemnon seeks a way to regain his independence from Omnius. Meanwhile on the worthless desert rock known as Arrakis, a terrible discovery has been made, one that can allow humans to “Fold space” and attack the Machines for the first time without warning.

    If you havent already read the first book in this trilogy “The Butlerian Jihad” this is a MUST HAVE, as it is the prequel to the Dune Saga. Brian Herbert has written it using the notes of his father, Frank Herbert. After the trilogy is complete he will release his fathers final book in the Dune Saga, written directly from the notes and transcripts Frank Herbert had prepared before his untimly death.

    Coming in September. Speculation anyone? ๐Ÿ˜€


    Cool, kinda of a Christopher Tolkien type thing (though he has acted more as a JRR Tolkien essayist and editor than as an author of “J.R.R. Tolkien universe” books — like with The Silmarion).

    While most people want to put their authorial stamp (stamps in this case) on something, they have worked closely from the notes and I’m sure that B. Herbert and Anderson would try to be as faithful to Frank Herbert’s vision as they can. Never-the-less, I’ll be interested to see how the style varies. I expect that Anderson, as a best-selling author and, I believe, having more experience, would probably write (have written) most of the actual novel, but the son would also be extremely involved in the creative process, and, best of all, really try to preserve his father’s reputation and vision. Sounds like a winning combination to me!

    BTW, her’s some more info on it


    I’m just stabbing in the dark but here goes:

    The League of Nobles will be undergoing a series of planet hopping. Liberating/nuking one machine planet at a time in their quest to destroy the thinking machines. Rescuing whatever slaves they can in the process. The campaign will stall because the machines will prepare for invasions after seeing the ships enroute weeks in advance.

    Erasmus and Agamemnon either independently or together will begin to undermine Omnious, and try to gain more freedoms from him/it. Onmious will slowly continue its genocide against the enslaved humans.

    Holtzman will slay Norma after she (shows him up) creates a fold space engine. As usual he will take full credit for this great new invention. (side note: who’s less human Tio or Erasmus?) However repeated trials of trying to navigate foldspace
    will fail, either in destruction or getting utterly lost.

    Cut to Arrakis. Either Keedar of the Tlulaxa or Aurelias Venport will overdose on spice and begin a transformation into a navigator. My guess the later, because he’s been trying for psychic abilities to impress his love. Holtzman will hear of this transformation and will tap the navigator to fly the ship through fold space safely. This will enabel the leauge to surpise attack the machines, and bring the jihad to a near end.

    Selim Wormrider will begin teaching the Fremen how to ride the sandworms and plant the seeds for the Freemen culture/religion we see later in the Dune novels. A Bene Gesserit missionary sent hundred of years alter will complete the cultural transformation.

    Headgehog wrote:

    (side note: who’s less human Tio or Erasmus?)

    Hint..hint…what does Erasmus wear instead of a regular metal Face? I think its possible he may be one of the “Gods” we see at the end of Chapterhouse Dune, possibly the creator of the Face Dancers altogether, since they’re still an absolute mystery at this point in the series and Erasmus is well for lack of a better word a Face Dancer.

    Erasmus is in my opinion one of the more powerfully written Science-Fiction characters in a long time. The first machine(in this series) to become truly human in many ways, and as such he acts childish from mutating animals/humans(the way a child takes pulls the wings off flies) to morphing his face into a hideous monster like visage because Butler is paying more attention to her child than to him.

    Very intriguing character, one that I think may realize a little His Divine Shadow like, that he needs to defeat humans from the inside.

    I pretty much figured after the way in “The Butlerian Jihad” they explained humans can’t travel nearly as fast as machines that Folding Space with spice would become a huge secret weapon. But I don’t see how they will have enough time to make a Navigator since I was under the impression it took decades. And you figure they wont get it right off the bat.

    Can’t wait till it comes out.


    I really hope this post does not sound too anal but here it goes anyway. (Hey, I’m unemployed right now and have had a lot of time to re-read the books ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    The Tleilaxu created the face dancers, and they can’t reproduce since they are mules. Scytale, in Chapterhouse, wants to have access to an axotl tank to create some as servants, thus they are a creation of the dirty Tleilaxu.

    Farad’n is Wensicia’s son as described in Children of Dune.

    That said, I do wonder what happened to the child of Feyd and Lady Fenring. This child is even described as ‘another possibility’ in a self musing from Mohaim in Messiah. That seemed to be the last reference to the child as far as I could find.

    In the series, Irulan seduced Feyd simply to get the true story behind the overthrow of the Atreides.

    I absolutly loved TBJ and think that so far, it is the best of the prequels. When Erasmus killed Serena’s child, it brought tears to my eyes. I haven’t had a book do that to me in a long time.

    The twist that the Harkonnens are the good guys and the Atreides are the bad was pure genius in my opinion.

    I can’t wait for ‘The Machine Crusade’ to be released. But something I read in God Emperor really got my hairs to stand on end.


    Norma Cenva will become the mistress of Aurelius Venport and give him five children in addition to the plans for the first Guild ship. That amazing reference can be found on page 183 of the paperback copy of God Emperor or 178 of the recent hardcover reprint. It blew my mind when I read that.

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