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    Just received a nice comment from Casey, the lovely lady who does the Galacticast Video Podcast. She said that she enjoyed the show and what a coincidence that we started (roughly) the same time. She has quite a few shorter shows produced and they are pretty good. I particularly like the news shows (she has 5 or 6 out at the moment) – very professional.

    Anyway, I downloaded a couple of the shows and checked them out and left a comment on her blog to the effect that ‘the show was great’ and ‘us sci fi video podcasters should stick together’ and ‘I’ll be sure to give you a plug on the next SadCAST’.

    Turns out of course that Casey is the venerable MsKitka who produced a popular video podcast called Kitkast that she has now decided to concentrate her efforts on sci fi to do Galacticast. Her legacy audience is prolly well over the 100,000 mark – and I tell her I’ll help with our few hundred! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway the show can be downloaded from:
    or you can search for it via iTunes.

    Definitely worth the trouble! – I certainly will be plugging the show on the next SadCAST (#3)


    Thus far my attempts to watch the show have proved to be troublsome! I managed to download one show to my PC but I have to admit, although the show was very well done and entertaining, the time & trouble it took to download put a real downer on it. Sadcast was much faster to download!

    Maybe the itunes server is faster than the libsyn server.


    Actually, SadCAST is also on the libsyn server (Galacticast and SadCAST can both be found on iTunes but all iTunes does is point to the server that the file is stored (in both cases, libsyn). I’m not sure why you had such trouble downloading – in fact, because the shows are much shorter, I would have thought you’d have downloaded them faster!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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