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    O.K., so I recently had been asked why I don’t watch Lost….so I thought I’d give it a try…I stayed up and watched an ep.
    It was about this facility on the island where these two guys have to keep a key and enter a code regularly into the computer in order to not end the world kinda thing…

    anyone remember this one from an Outer Limits ep?

    I do….

    although in the outer limits one there were attacking aliens to make it different i guess ;P


    Well if that adds a bit of spice to Lost then bring it on!


    I’m guessing it’ll run on forever. If you haven’t seen lost yet – DON’T! I got hooked on it before I realized it’d run on forever! And there’s no way out!


    Holly, the original appeal of Lost isn’t apparent in season 2. The introduction of the Hatch marks the decline of the series in my view – as evident by the fact that the writers have dispensed with the button pushing in season 3.

    To be frank, I wouldn’t encourage you to watch it at all – the show is the longest con pulled on audiences in recent memory. Back when it was original or fresh – season 1, where the writers gave the impression they knew what they were doing – Lost was mesmerising. I wouldn’t have hesitated in recommending it at all. Now I would urge that you steer clear of it, and check out Carnivale instead (if you haven’t seen it yet). Now, *that* was a great show that managed to build interest and sustain momentum – a shame it was cancelled prematurely due to production costs. And it was certainly better than Heroes, which is becoming less impressive as the series progresses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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