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    That’s the average ratio of unregistered visitors to members. Why is that?!

    It’s pretty scary and while I really like the idea that there are thousands of visitors a day, I’d love to hear more from you guys!

    I know that there are lurkers who read through the forums regularly (I have an IP log) and I wonder what it would take to make you tell us what you are about!

    SadBOARD is a sci fi community – that thrives on getting your views. We have lots of very influential visitors (BBC make regular trips to – and NEVER leave a message!!!

    Sometimes we get visitors (writers and actors) from Babylon 5 and LEXX and I’m sure they visit to hear your opinions about what you would like to see in Sci Fi. If you’ve been a lurker for a while, why not register and tell us what you think about the current state of sci fi (or this site or one another). We’d love to here from you!


    YES! Please reply…sometimes I stare wistfully at a thread, but don’t want to reply to it as all I see on the board is Hollydays, Hollydays, Hollydays…..

    And I don’t really have much to add to the posts like Logan or Jhvez or Saddy…but I just can’t resist (God help me, I have a thread disease…It’s like little Maggog eggs waiting to hatch),
    So please hurry up and hide my response here with your reply.

    If I can add my dumb two cents, surely your responses can’t be that bad?


    Stop Lurking!

    i did! 😛


    I didn’t even realise I was lurking ’til I got the podcast email so I’ll try and make up for lost time although I can’t seem to find any sections about Star Trek or Star Wars but I’m still looking!

    PS – a forum with a spell checker!? Ooo how modern!


    I must admit, probably only 5% of the time I spend on this board is spent posting. Most of it is lurking and getting info from others.

    Still, it’d be cool if the lurkers could put a name to themselves and get involved on the boards.


    I admit I’ve been lurking more than usual as I have little to say about the new stuff. I haven’t seen any Dr Who, BSG, TTR or SG-1s, and for the most part I’ve stopped going to the movies until my unwatched DVD shelves are caught up. At the rate I’m turning on the TV these days I’m not getting very far. And I got hooked on 43Things so if I don’t complete goals on my list and return my cheers complete strangers will be disappointed in me. 😆

    The last Sci Fi I watched was The Cat from Outer Space (no kidding) and the waffles episode of Invader Zim about a week or two ago. Since then I’ve seen one Paul Newman movie and one Dave Chappelle episode. I’m really kind of out of touch.

    Oh, and the SadCast. I watched that yesterday. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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