Scytale lives!

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    Dear fellow Duneophiles, Spice Girls and diehard avant-gardes and Herbertians,

    Scytale the Face Dancer here. Having escaped the less-than-feminine clutches of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood (who impiously and rudely took me prisoner in CHAPTERHOUSE: DUNE) and made my way to a mysterious neutral planet I felt it was time for me to answer the calumnies and abuse that have been heaped upon the Tleilaxu by the fanatical infidel propaganda machine of those prescient pinheads, the Atreides! All who care to read the real truth may find it in my entertainingly nefarious and despicable memoirs at:

    (Seriously, a fan fiction novel of Scytale’s adventures having no connection with Frank Herbert’s incomparable work. As an aspiring science fiction writer I’m keen to get feedback on it and if you do read the short novel I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the writing! Best regards, Scytale)

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