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    Anyone remember this one? I just bought the series off of e-bay…I think it is great stuff and the graphics and spec. effects are really good despite being an older show….

    It reminds me alot of BSG.

    anyone else remember it?



    [quote=”Hollydays”]Anyone remember this one?[/quote]

    How could you forget it – It was great! Sci-Fi ran it a couple of years ago and I all the episodes where great – Sugar Dirt is a great two parter.



    ooooh – I haven’t made it that far yet! I am really happy with this series so far, usually they jump the shark pretty quick, and what started out with such promise, fizzles and leaves me angry…



    This one doesn’t jump. The final ep is a doozy!

    Who Monitors the Birds and The Angriest Angel tie for the most memorable, IMO.



    [quote=”pet”]This one doesn’t jump. The final ep is a doozy!

    Who Monitors the Birds and The Angriest Angel tie for the most memorable, IMO.[/quote]

    Ooo good choices. 8)



    Hi Sad,
    Yes I do remember it & on 1 of the episodes, had added the Apollo 8 Christmas message on it, which made me cry; that was the most touching episode.

    SA&B Fans Unite,
    Jhevz ๐Ÿ˜‰



    I loved Space Above and Beyond, I think it was one of my all time favourite sci-fi shows, it showed war in space like real war, on the ground war. Hand-to-hand combat, soldiers who happened to have to fight in space. It showed their fears; it showed people’s prejudices, not against what we are used to thinking of as race, and not against women but against the clones. It was, pardon the cliche, gritty.[i][/i]



    On the subject of BSG and A&B: I think BSG borrowed more than a little bit from “Angriest Angel” for the “Scar” episode.

    I agree with pet on the best episode. Though I like to add the one with Col. Butts “Easy as eatin’ pancakes” .. don’t remember the name of that one. ๐Ÿ˜ณ



    Finally finished watching the series – so good ! – so sad it’s over!

    Yeah – I totally noticed the rip from “Angriest Angel” in the Scar ep! I think the whole series was heavily borrowed, really. A cool nod, i guess?

    I thought the last ep was kind of weak though.



    Last episode? Of the season you mean? You make it sound so final.
    3rd season is coming, though I don’t know when. I’ve seen no signs of it being cancelled.

    Btw, in a head-to-head between “Scar” and “Chiggie Von Richthofen”, my money’s on the baron. Simply because of the “abandon all hope”-thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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