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    I counted 6 cylons on the ship…scanning through this transcript.

    Goddamn can Jamie Barber act. Freaking out and trying to keep composure and all…

    When will Doc Coddle die? Because we he gets on the galactica (Adama critical….a hundred chewed up dead crewmembers). I think he’ll have a stroke.

    They better strip everything they can off the dead…Wonder how much is left (bullets and bandages).

    The ragtag fleet shot of Galactica floating out of formation from the fleet…I’d be freaking out if I saw that from some refugee ship.

    And the darkness on the decks when the power went out. I was watching this in dark too and I couldn’t make heads or tails.

    I’d venture to say they lost about 100 crewmembers. Final tally on next weeks opening, eh?

    We lost socinius, tarn, some callsign noob named hotshot. We gained that “knuckledragger” named Jammer. He was interesting an well written in…freaking out but kinda bragging when he helped knock out those two last cylons. In fact the mentally wacked-out acting from those who witnessed the centurion firefights was really good.

    Helo: Enough, all right. Okay, I was fooled by help she fooled me. You happy now?

    Starbuck: It’s not about making me happy.

    Helo: Then what’s it about? What do you want here? You want me to say I’m a fracking idiot, okay. I’m a fracking idiot.

    Starbuck: That make you feel better?

    Helo: I don’t care anymore. I’ve been here for months. By myself, o­n the run. o­n step ahead of the cylons. With the cylons, I guess, actually. She seemed so real. Like Sharon, you know? Same grin, same laugh. All the little things. I feel in love with a machine. That’s stupid. So just call me an idiot, and let’s be done with it.

    Starbuck: You’re an idiot.

    Helo: All right?

    Starbuck: You’re an idiot. But the cylons have a way of making all of us look like idiots.

    If I were in that scene I’d think I’d shoot Starbuck for that “compassion” . She thinks she better than the rest…Too bad Helo couldn’t come back with “…by the way…Zak fooled you too.”

    Maybe Zak was a cylon.

    Starbuck: After they attacked, I never… I never pined over any of my old crap. Never missed it. Stupid view of the parking lot. Broken toilet in the bathroom. You know, everyone I know… is fighting to get back what they had. And fighting I’m fighting ’cause they don’t know how to do anything else. [Sighing]

    ” …And fighting I’m fighting ’cause they don’t know how to do anything else.”

    Uh…well Hedge you got me on that one..Is that a typo to trip up transcript thieves? I’m still trying to decipher that line.

    Either one of those bitch lines of Kara’s or something…”Waaaaa!! I’m always fighting”. LOL Those who listen to Artie Lange on The Howard Stern Show know what im talking about…come to think of it…another smart-ass comeback line for Helo if I was a writer.

    Roslin: Open the door.

    Venner: You know I can’t do that, Madame President.

    Roslin: Corporal Venner, I have no intention of being locked in this cell and shot like a rat in a cage. Open the door!

    He opens her rat cage

    Roslin: Thank you.

    There’s a reason Venner is guarding the rat cage. One can say it was his turn on duty at the brig, he’s like all of the marine privates.
    But these two episodes show him to be weak and sorta “born again christian-ish”. Sergeant Hadrian musta knew Venner sucked in tight quarters.

    Yup, you brits were wondering why half of America voted for Bush….there ya’ go.:lol:

    That’s all I got, you mother-fraggers.

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    Helo: But I believe her. I-it’s hard to describe. We’ve been together a long time. I mean, I know what she is, but she is not like the others. She is not.
    [Turbines whining]
    Strabuck: No, no, no, no, no! Bitch took my ride.
    (Boomer flies off in Starbuck’s Raider)


    Flashback – Cargo Ship Quarters
    Adama: I’m your new shipmate. Bill adama.
    Tigh: Saul Tigh.

    wow. These guys met working on a freighter. You’d think they fought together in the first cylon war. Maybe they shoud’ve got younger stand ins for Bill and Saul. Despite the attempts of putting hair on Tigh and a mustache on Adama. It looks like they met only
    a decade ago at best.

    I noticed in a Flashback scenes that the door on Adama’s Flat had a number 3 centered in the camera shot. Any speculation?

    Flashback – Cargo ship
    Adama: So what’s your plan here? Personally, I tend to go with what you know. ‘Til something better turns up.

    …so true in life dude

    Flashback – Bar
    Adama: So what’s your plan?
    Tigh: Don’t really have o­ne.
    Adama: I’m getting back into the cockpit. I’m gettin/g back into my fleet. And I want you to come with me, Saul.
    Tigh: You really believe that we can get back in the fleet?
    Adama: Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do.

    awww…kinda makes me well up a little…Tigh’s gotta buddy other than the cup. Adama reaches out…

    Flashback – Freighter
    Tigh: Ha! Yes! He’s in. The kid is back in the fleet. So, let’s have the truth. How did you do it? How’d you get off this frakkin’ freighter?
    Adama: Connections. Anne’s father has a friend o­n the defense subcommittee.
    Tigh: So the new wife comes through. Wish I had in-laws with pull.
    Adama: Gimme a couple of years. I’ll have some pull. You watch me. I’ll have my own battlestar o­ne day.
    Watkins: Open up, please.

    New wife? Adama’s been married more than once.

    That set in that flashback was the same one used in the prison riot episode in season 1. Life for the two of them obvioulsly sucked. No way other than up for Bill and Saul.

    The first cylon war must of left the colonies in a depression and scrounging for resources. Adama, son of an middle-class attorney, swabbing decks in a shithole of a freigher? Man times were tough…

    Flashback – Tigh’s Flat
    Tigh douses his uniform with lighter fluid. He’s about to set it o­n fire.
    [Knock o­n door]
    Tigh: Go away.
    Watkins: Captain Tigh, It’s the shore patrol. Sergeant watkins, sir. Open up, please. Major Adama’s compliments. He wishes me to inform you you’ve been reinstated in the colonial fleet. With the rank of Captain.
    Tigh: Major Adama.
    Watkins: Welcome back to the fleet, sir.
    Tigh: I’ll be right with you, Sergeant.
    Watkins: Yes, sir

    Was Moore thinking of the beginning of “Apocolypse Now” when he wrote that flashback? Nice Touch with what we think may be Ellen hogging up his matress. Should’ve set her on fire instead of the sash.

    Tigh hates sashes…remember the water episode?

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    any mods of this series with homeworld or homeworld2 in the works?

    in reply to: I hope you don’t mind… #74196

    well hi……..

    I gotta lurk and see if anyone will respond my posts…I’m so pathetic…

    in reply to: (SPOILERS) Kobol’s Last Gleaming Pt 2 #74143

    I suspect Adama will live (he’s on contract to do the remainder of the series isnt he?).

    Kobol is a trap. If 6 knows about it, the cylons must of known about it for years. I think this will play out like the original series where they landed on Carrilon. They’ll resupply, get some idea where earth is and move on. Starbuck’s got to make it back to the fleet with the arrow.

    If Helo and Caprica Boomer come along for the ride with starbuck this is gonna be a wildcard. Maybe Galactica Boomer will get spaced? Maybe they’ll keep ’em both? Helo would be crazy to stay on Caprica. Helo could also flip out and kill both himself and the mother of his child…I think the boomer’s kid is an interesting sub-plot in itself.

    Will Baltar flip over to the cylon side? Ron Moore says he wants to keep close the original series….The cylon kid thing is a figment of his imagination. There is no actual kid. He’s seeing places he’s been to before.

    Roslin could die. There was no Roslin in the original series. Unless they find some herb on Kobol that will miraculously stop her cancer’s progression.

    There hasn’t been any “agro ships” mentioned so far. I wonder if they’ll convert Cloud 9 and others into ones? There’s 50.000 mouths to feed.

    If Kobol’s a trap, how long will they be there? There’s going to have to be a massive search party on Kobol at first to colonize but a contingency to keep the fleet resupplied.

    They’ve managed the ability to “cloak” the raptor from cylon ships. Can Gaeta and the gang (admit it..Gaeta is the brain. Baltar’s a fluke) cloak Kobol and/or the fleet?

    They need materials. Is there a construction ship to keep the fleets infrastructure up and running?


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