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    Hey watch it there. In case the avatar wasn’t obvious enough, I happen to be a big Reboot fan.

    Well, I liked parts of Reboot, but Im glad to see the show at least got to have a final episode, unlike 90% of all shows.

    I ask someone who works on the show. But some things don’t have names, like Chode’s or T’Nuk’s race, yet.

    Yeah, I noticed that the other day that Chode and T’Nuk’s races havnt been stated yet, although youd think over the course of a season it would of been mentioned (or at least they would of had time to come up with names for their races)

    In the case of the Sex Slave 1, I don’t know if that’s the name, I made it up becuase its funny. I doubt it officially is, since its way too close to Slave 1. Lucas loves to sue, and Cinegroup renamed the Free Enterprise becuase it was too close to Enterprise. But for the SadGuide, in which reviews are supposed to be humourous, the Sex Slave 1 is a perfect name. If its something else I’ll change it when I find out. It’s not a major ship so the name is sorta arbitrary.

    Well, I gotta admit the Sex Slave 1 is pretty clever/funny, except it dosnt make much sense being that its a bounty hunter’s ship, unless he only went after sex slaves which he does in the ep he was in, so it makes sense in the context of that episode, but if the bounty hunters name is boba fett/bobafett thats not really funny unless its pronounced diffriently, like bob-a-fett, or you could even do Bob Ala Fett, said slowly sounds like some type of fancy meal, said quickly sounds like some funny foreign name.

    And Ive only recently been hearing about the Lucas loves to sue, but I know that George Lucas himself likes/loves it when a joke can be made at himself or something he’s done like Star Wars (which Ive heard Kevin Smith say a few times) however lawsuits do come up, which makes me believe its his company that does all the lawsuits (as well as basicly all of what is considered to be “money grubbing” like re-releasing movies over and over) cause its hard to believe that Lucas (himself) is like “Haha thats funny, but now Im gonna sue them.”

    But anyways back to the names and the humor, alot of what you come up with is funny/clever, and Im gonna start an “Ideas” thread, so I hope you can contribute some of that humor as well as ideas too.

    You aren’t the only one. I’m very surprised this is the only fan site around. Unless you include TvTome and imdb.com. The problem with dedicated sites like gotfuturama.com and fireflyfans.net (both of which had minor influences on the Tripping guide) is that they have all sorts of information on the show, but its not very detailed. In other words they’ll have as much written up about Chode as they would the Lux Davidians, which would only be about a sentence or two.

    I dont like sites like that, cause thats basicly what all official sites are like, ie very little content or info.

    Most people don’t realize how much work goes into a website. The last two episodes will take me about 4 hours to write up and format. Hence why I haven’t done it yet. Characters, cultures and ships are easier at 20-30 min each. But it’s still a long time.

    Yeah, I know it be hard, frustraiting, and time consuming when doing stuff for a site, plus you really cant have a decent site unless you’re paying for it.

    If I did a site devoted to TTR, Id have it look like this (sorry about how crappy it looks, I just sketched it out in like 1minute)

    – Off to the far upper left you have all the site catagories. Those are supposed to be black rings with orbs on them (behind the text) I thought it look cool if the were constantly moving around (one for each ring, and moving on the track of the ring, like racecars basicly)

    – When your cursor highlights one of the site catagories, the text changes (in someway, maybe it gets bigger, or it glows, moves, etc) and a little ways below a short description pops up of what each section is or includes.

    – The pic over on the right is one of the promo shots that was done for the show (its called “niceone” in the downloads section) and the backround of the site would be the same color as the backround in the pic, making it seem like one big wallpaper or something.

    – Under the catagory synopsis area its just an add for the show, stating when & where its one. I thought it look cool if it were on the black 2001 Space Oddissy slab/monument, and then over to the far right of that is just a plack for some affiliate banners.

    I can easily draw up and think up stuff like that (the above) but dont know how to do it or have the methods to, so I dont ever do it.

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    Characters are repeated quite often, and in the oddest places. This is done to save money and time on the animation, but it makes rewatching episodes funnier and more enjoyable. The majordomo from Nature vs Nurture was on that time flight too. Another example are the Hell Lesbians; Bernice, Kitty, Penelope, Kathy (gimp chode alien’s wife) and Candy. The Osbourne kids show up a lot. There’s lots of examples.

    Yeah, I know, I was reading one of the older threads in which one of the TRT team members (CLM I think) said they had 150 character models for the show, but it dosnt seem like it what with there being 12 eps and we see characters repeat, although there are quite a few chars (of those 150) we wont ever see as backround chars (like any of the main chars, or Bobo, Adam, etc, etc)

    When has animated kissing ever not looked awkward?

    Well, it looks fine in 2D animation but Ive never really seen it look good in 3D, but Ive seen companies like Dreamworks and Pixar find ways around it (even though they have a much bigger budget) by basicly having the chars turn their heads, ie when they do a kiss one of leans in and you basicly just see the back of one of the chars heads, but you can tell the chars are kissing.

    TTR looks and moves pretty good compared to basicly every other 3D animated show Ive seen, like Reboot, Beast Wars, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, etc, etc, except almost every 3D animated show thats been on the air has been done by Mainframe, who despite all their experience arent very good, or rather I should say TTR moves and looks alot better then all their shows did/do, for example back to the subject of kissing in their shows when it happens it looks like the chars basicly slam their heads into one another, it happens way to fast, and theres no movement during the kiss, like their lips just meet and thats it there’s no movement after it happens, like there is when normal people (or even when Ten and Six) kissed/kiss.

    I have the following people reviews planned; Spankey, Bernice, Ten, Lady of Pain (no not planescape), Bobafett, Adam 12, Angel
    Ships: Surrender Dorothy, Sex Slave 1
    Cultures: Sex Slaves

    Yay! I was basicly looking forward to or wanting you to do almost all of those. Although I have another question, when a character or ship’s name isnt stated in the show, how do/would you find out the name?

    Also, just know your reviews/profiles dont have funny, that should be considered a added bonus, cause the info is just nice enough to have.

    Honestly though, I have to say Im hoping to see more TTR fansites. This one is fine/great, but its part of the Sad Geezer format, or is a subpage of teh Sad Geezer site, ie I wanna see like a really indepth TTR site, not really much diffrient content then whats on here (almost basicly all the exact same content) just a diffrient format/set up (no disrepect to this site, which I like)

    in reply to: Love Conquers All…err Almost #70951

    This was actually the ep I was looking foward to the most this season, after reading the short little one line preview for it awhile back (on the site here) cause I just knew it be intresting, plus it was cool to see Babbette return, and I also like seeing the rest of Adam’s family, as well as Bobo’s other daughter.

    Although I noticed in the ep that they never showed Adam XII and Babbette ever do anything, ie all they did was basicly stand close and say they were in love (or say something to that extent) like it never showed them kiss, it never implied they had sex or anything like that, but that was really the only think that bothered in the ep, cause the ep was great. I thought it was great that Chode ate the Yoda guy. That’ll teach him to try and get with Six.

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    This is my first post here, but Ive been checking out the board and site here for TRT for awhile now, and now that the season is over Ive finally decided to post (too bad theres’ not mroe people around here though, or willing to post rather)

    Anyways, yeah I liked this ep (along with the one that aired before it, but Ill talk about it in the other thread) and like Headgehog said it had a more serious tone to it (in parts) but thats okay since its the last ep of the first season I guess.

    One of the things I noticed immediatly when watching was that the bounty hunter’s ship was an obvious tribute/parody to Boba Fett’s Slave 1 from Star Wars. I also liked the bounty hunter cause he had alot more detail on his character model then most (if not all) characters on the show. I also noticed the stripper on before Ten (the cop) was one of the backround chars in God Is Our Pilot.

    I did find it odd that the one male stripper (the Egyption looking one) surrvived, he seemed as if he served no purpose in the ep, but was there a signifigant amount of time, and one other thing that I found/find odd about the series is the animators seem reclucent to show characters kiss (Love Conquers All…Er Almost is a perfect example of this) and I couldnt understand why until I saw Six and Ten kiss, cause it looked awkward, almost like trying to make a Barbie and Ken kiss, maybe they just havnt been able to make that interaction between characters work or look good yet which is why I figure its lack of being there.

    But Headgehog’s sex slave favourite of the night award goes to Mistress of Pain. She is so getting a character review. I can’t pass up on that many jokes!

    Yay, another charcacter review/profile, those are probaly my favorite part of all the diffrient sections on your TRT page, although I also really like the Culture and Spaceship reviews as well, but thsi raises a question from me. Headgehog do you plan on doing reviews for all/most of the supporting cast characters? (even though most are only in one ep, hopefully some of them will pop up again in the second season though)

    I feel like Ten is a parody on somebody, does anyone have any ideas?

    Well when I first saw him he looked alot like Owen Wilson, but I dont know that he is or could be a parody of someone, cause there wasnt alot to him, although he is also somewhat similar looking to Jonathan Schnider when he was on the Dukes Of Hazards (although I forget which brother he played) or possibly he is a parody of Ken (of Barbie & Ken) I mean he does kinda have that look to him, he is a “doll” sorts (refering to him being an android) and his name is only one letter away from Ken.

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