God Emperor of Dune?

Will it ever happen?

We all loved the Sci Fi channels mini series (we reviewed the hell out of it on this website!), but that was years ago?

Unfortunately the Sci Fi channel as it was then, made a bit of a mess of the Children of Dune series and didn’t leave any wiggle room for a God Emperor series to follow.  They made Lehto a freaking kung-fu hero for goodness sake and missed the chance to get the story to develop along with the book saga.

Nevertheless, they could now continue the Dune story with the TV and film technology that we have today surely!?  – Jeez, I just posted a news item about a follow up film that I thought would be impossible to make (Venom!) – they just announced it after the first made $850 million in the box office!

The thing is, Dune is such a rich story with lots of facets over a range of timelines, they could string this thing out for many films.  Alas, the news is, that despite my searches, I have still yet to confirm any production or development of a movie or TV series for God Emperor of Dune.

And it’s a crying shame!  I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as I hear anything.

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