Tripping the Rift: People: Benito McBlob

Benito McBlob is Chode’s grandfather. He’s old, senile and basically just an animated geriatric stereotype joke. He may not be very competent with newer technology, but he’s very resourceful and capable when he has to be.

If you were to see Benito in a bar, he’d be surrounded by chicks. read: gold diggers. All the ladies would be hitting on this eligible bachelor, and a few may actually show interest in his war stories. The first lady to succeed in getting the blood to flow to some of his less vital organs, would also succeed in getting his inheritance.

Benito is old, most of his body doesn’t work anymore. The least of which are his genitals. The dude can barely work his tentacles anymore, they’re really just floppy appendages. Also if he doesn’t constantly apply his Absorbine Senior skin lotion, his mollusk shell/skin will harden up. Well almost all of it.For the life of him, Benito cannot operate any kind of electronic system. It’s just too damn confusing for the old geezer. But it must run in the family because neither can his grandson Chode. But give the centenarian a mechanical problem, and he could solve it faster then you.

When Benito was trapped in an elevator by XP, he figured out how to escape using his prostate stimulator to override the controls. Then he used his senior lotion to short circuit the robotic invader. The synthetic revolution was ended by a ole Geezer and his smelly skin cream!

Benito retired with a lot of cash. But after living longer then expected he’s now on a fixed income. He travels the galaxy in his Space RV, dropping in on grandchildren for food, fuel and company. In between mooching off the descendants, he likes to try to win the big one at many of the universes finest (and sleaziest) casinos.

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