Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Character Bios: Ford Prefect

Ford Prefect is played perfectly by David Dixon.

If you were to meet him in a pub, he’d be telling  some story about the Triple Breasted Whore of Erotogon Six!  You would of course, remind him that drug taking was against the law (or possibly ask for the name of his supplier).

Ford is one of Arthur’s closest friends.  He is not of the Earth (that was) but is, in fact, from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

Arthur and FordHe was employed as a researcher for the Hitch Hikers Guide and arrived on the Earth (that was) 15 years ago by hitching a lift from a sort of rich kid that goes to low tech planets frightening the ‘crap’ out of the natives by dressing up and dancing around in green costumes. Unfortunately for him, he got stranded.

He chose to wear some pretty hoopy clothes while on Earth (fellow Sad Geezer Tosca thinks he looked cool, personally I reckon he looked silly! )

As is typical of Ford, he chose an inappropriate name for his stay on Earth (we don’t actually learn his real name) by selecting the most popular name in the hope of being inconspicuous. He chose Ford Prefect as opposed to, John Ford, Anna Ford, Henry Ford, Ford Anglia, Ford Consul etc.

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