Farscape: Character Bios: Ka D’Argo

KA D’ARGO is played superbly by Anthony Simcoe

You would meet D’Argo in a pub being chased by a large group of zoo-keepers. – He would escape.

When you first see D’Argo, you could be forgiven for thinking that he is a cross between an elephant and a dog.  He’s big and aggressive.  It’s very difficult to change his mind, especially with force and he is, by all intents and purposes, the strong arm of Moya.

D’Argo is a Luxan Warrior who is approximately 30 cycles (I assume cycles are years) old.  He has fought in two battle campaigns and is a decorated and accomplished warrior.  He tells people that he was imprisoned for killing a fellow soldier and is exiled from Luxor but there are much more complicated reasons.

It turns out that D’Argo was wrongly imprisoned for killing his wife, who happened to be a Sebacean woman. They also had a child together, Jothee, whom D’Argo has been trying to find word of. They were separated when D’Argo was taken prisoner.

In truth, D’Argo’s wife was killed by her own brother, acting on the repulsion that Sebaceans feel for inter-species cohabitation. He framed D’Argo for it – a fact of which Crais was aware. That is, Crais knew all along that D’argo was innocent.

He was imprisoned for 8 cycles on a maximum security labour planet working in the notoriously deadly mines (in the Premier episode, we learn that Zhaan was imprisoned above ground on the same planet).

D’Argo served as a slave at some point. The Peacekeepers put slave rings in his collarbones. He has said many times that the humiliation of imprisonment was so great that he would rather die than return.  Also, he isn’t above telling he fellow crewmembers how he feels about it,  “I don’t know who you are, where you’re from or what you want. But if you threaten my freedom, I’ll kill you.”  (D’Argo to Crichton in Premier)

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He was captured by Crais in the first episode but managed to escape after: “Warrior to warrior, I vow, one day I will kill you!(D’Argo to Crais in Premier)

He seems to do a lot of that!

D’Argo’s physiology is amazing.  His looks are scary (yet some lady Farscapers find him attractive (??!!).  Hair is substituted by a feathery and somewhat gangly number of ‘dangly bits’ which hang down from the top of his head.  These ‘dangly bits’ are very sensitive and can bleed if they are squeezed.

Luxan blood when it’s healthy (and oxygenated) is clear.  When it’s unhealthy (ie. After a savage wound or infection) it is a very dark red. The blood must be clear if its would is to heal – in Throne for a Loss we saw Aeryn having to hit D’Argo’s wound very hard in order for the blood to run clear and coagulate.

Perhaps the most weird part of D’Argo (at least that we have seen) is his first line of defense… his tongue!  Yep this tongue can get to all the places normal tongues can’t!  D’Argo uses it rather like a whip…..  Is it me or does this geezer sound really kinky? Once deployed, the whip-lick tongue renders the victim temporarily unconscious.

Lady Farscapers also find D’Argo’s voice quite sexy.  And when you come to think of it he has received a number of affectionate glances and erm.. other things from most of the female crew of Moya and in one notable instance from another Luxan (a Orican which I think is a Luxan priest) called Nilaam.

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In the first episode Zhaan gave him a hug that made his ‘dangly bits’ shudder, He’s also received affectionate glances from Chiana who now enjoys a special relationship with the Luxan – at least in terms of bonking, not to mention other indiscretions with ‘beings’ on planets that Moya has traveled to.  For a huge ugly dude, this guy can impress the ladies!

Adrea Reeds mentioned that D’Argo and Chiana’s relationship is probably only physical thing but they have always enjoyed each other’s company. Chiana has maintained that she needs to feel protected, and I suppose D’Argo is the best she can hope for on Moya. “I think she had hopes of John, but he is obsessed with Aeryn, so is only interested in Chiana as a “friend.” How lowering! He isn’t completely immune to her ‘assets,’ but he is a guy and has eyes, so you can’t blame him. He tries, more or less, to maintain a brotherly relationship with her.”

D’Argo’s most coveted possession is his Qualta Blade.  It is a large broad sword (with very blunt edges) that doubles as a rifle.  As a sword it’s useless unless wielded by some huge hairy bloke but would only inflict the same damage as a baseball bat.  As a rifle it is wonderfully accurate but unfortunately very heavy.  D’Argo feels naked without his Qualta Blade.

Gaining a Luxan’s trust is VERY hard to do.  Although John Crichton enjoys a closer relationship to D’Argo now, it wasn’t always like that.  When the first met, D’Argo whipped him with his tongue, tried to strangle him and made numerous threats.  Recently however they seem to get on a lot better.  Maybe this is because, like most dogs, A Luxan Warrior is loyal to his/her comrades and over time, has come to like and trust Crichton.

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Aeryn also treats D’Argo with a certain respect – Dargo seems to like her, and she seems to return the favor. (Or as much as she is capable of). He very gallantly told her that he was pleased to see her alive (he was smiling and almost flirting with her). I think he has a teeny bit of a crush on her, lets face it – she is the only other warrior on the ship.


A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Anthony holds an MFA in Drama and degrees from universities and acting schools in Australia and Europe, in addition to lecturing for NIDA.

Simcoe is most noted for his performance in the Australian comedy feature The Castle (Working Dog Productions, 1999). He was also featured in the Australian film Mr. Reliable.

His television appearances include the Australian series, A Country Practice, Home and Away, Water Rats and English at Work.
Anthony has had many theatre roles most notably World Games (Footloose Theatre Company), Craving (at the Sydney Street Theatre Space) in which he wrote and performed, Three Winters Green (Stables Theatre’s), Peter Pan, Complaints and The Murray River Performing Group’s production of Double Deception at the Hothouse Theatre.

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