Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Character Bios: Slartibartfast

This man is a Magrathean crinkly coastline designer.
Slartibartfast is played handsomely by the heavyweight actor, Richard Vernon.

Starty's cool costume

This cool Magrathean was asleep for around 5,000,000 years with the rest of the Magratheans before being awoken to complete a special ‘job’ for the Mice.

He is a nice old geezer who may try to show signs of irritability or anger, but will fail miserably!Character Bio - Slartibardfast

If you were to meet him in a pub you would complain to the manager that one of the local  geriatric patients had escaped again and would he mind ‘ejecting the old git before he started doing rude things with himself!’  This would be a great shame since Slartibartfast has a wonderful name and would keep most of us amused for a number of minutes with some pretty wacky stories!

He loved to design and develop crinkly edges to continents, it was indeed, his speciality!. He even won an award for it (see picture on the left), though he was never particularly proud of the achievement.   on the Earth Mark one he was responsible for Norway.  on Earth Mark Two, he was doing Africa and was poised, ready to let loose a thousand glaciers, when the project was stopped!

Slartibartfast is a nice ol’geezer that you would be proud to have as a Grandfather, or possibly a Great Grandfather!

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