Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Science: Infinite Improbability Drive

This is the latest way of travelling through space without out the need for all that tedious jumping in and out of hyperspace.  The principal of generating finite amounts of improbability are so bloody obvious that I wont go into them here.

Well alright, I’ll go into it a bit.    The standard approach was to use say, a Babmblweeny 57 Submesion Brain to an Atomic Vector Plotter submerged in a nice hot cup of tea, and this had long been understood.  Such gizmos were used to break the ice at parties by making the underwear of various  female guests jump away from the unsuspecting (or possibly suspecting) victims body.

Many respectable physicists were not too chuffed with this usage of the technology and attempted to make a more substantial use of it by developing a drive for a spaceship. These were a real bunch on no-hopers (not normally invited to the types of parties mentioned above) and they ultimately failed.

It was left to a student who reasoned that if such a machine is such an impossibility, then it must logically be a finite improbability (obvious isn’t it!?).  So, the student geezer calculated the probability (or improbability) and fed the answer into an improbability generator (that was just lying around), and made a nice cup of hot tea, and turned it on!  (not the tea, the generator). Presto!!   The infinite Improbability Drive was discovered!

Yep, these Infinite Improbability Drives aren’t made, they’re impossibility erm… calculated.

The first prototype ship was stolen by Zaphod Beeblebrox and Trillian. This ship is probably the most technically advanced piece of machinery in the Galaxy and costs a mere 5,000,000 Arterian MegaDollars (a megadollar is the equivalent, in terms of pounds, to a page full of zero’s with a 1 in front of it).

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