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A Twelve inch Bic

A guy in a bar having a few drinks suddenly notices another gentleman lighting his cigarette with a huge bic lighter. Not believing what he was seeing he walked over to the gentleman and asked him where he got the lighter. The gentleman pointed towards the back of the room and said “there is a genie back there who will grant you o­ne wish of anything you want o­nce you have purchased the minimum drink requirement.” The man asked the gentleman what the drink requirement was, after finding out it was o­nly two drinks he realized that he was well beyond the requirement. He got a special pass to go see the geniefrom the bartender.

A couple minutes later the gentleman laughed as a flock of ducks came flying out of the room. The man walked up to the gentleman and said in a loud angry voice “that bitch! I asked her for a million bucks, and she gave me a million ducks!” The gentleman looked up at him and said “Do you think I really wanted a 12 inch bic?”

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