LEXX: Biography: Thodin

Thodin is a miraculous leader of Heretics played by rather glamorously by the very cool Barry Bostwick.

Thodin is an integral character in the first episode. He is the brave leader of a band of Heretics intent on the destruction of the Divine Order of the League of 20,000 planets and in particular, it’s ruler His Shadow.

If you were to meet Thodin in a pub you might ask him to keep an eye on your drink. To your distress he would take out his left eyeball and put it inside the glass!

Thodin and his glittery pink skirt

Thodin has been captured and brought to the Cluster for trial. A mock trial in front of many thousands of people the Clusters Stadium. He would be found guilty and fed to Cluster Lizards as punishment for crimes such as piracy and murder.

Thodin the brave was not ruffled by this as he has a number of useful gadgets to aid him on his exploits. These include flying snot, which can explode, I jest you not, and an eyeball that when extracted from the socket can be used as a small bomb, making the owner invisible. He uses this to great effect just before he is killed in a battle with Kai.

The writers developed Thodin as a fearless warrior sure, but they have a wicked sense of humour. This leader of leaders is forced to wear a short glittery pink skirt and thigh length boots. You just can’t take him seriously. Nevertheless, he certainly was a cool geezer – or should that be HOT?

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