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I think His Divine Shadow (also known as HIs Shadow) is the most despicable being ever created. To say that this bloke had no feelings for his fellow man would be an understatement of biblical proportions.

Yo 'HDS' Have a beer.So what would you do if you met him in a pub? I know what I’d do. I’d buy him a drink and leave. If I were to be completely honest, I’d probably have left so quickly I’d have forgotten to get my girlfriend, never mind the rest of my friends. Who am I kidding. If I met him in a pub I’d die of fright after wetting myself. And if you wouldn’t, you’re probably kidding yourself.

'Kill him and then yourself'I hope you can understand then, that he’s not such a nice bloke! He was the guy who killed Kai, and destroyed his planet with the ForeShadow, his battleship.

In a particularly ruthless example of his  power, we see him discussing the truth of the prophesy with two of his subjects on their knees before him. He asks them both a question and the winner gets to shoot the looser before shooting herself. This in itself wasn’t the horrific bit. What made it all worse is that the last thing each of them said was, “I worship His Shadow” !!!

Bloody hell! I’d at least have taken a pop at the evil git!, I’d have nothing to loose. The idea that you can get someone to kill himself or herself AND, at the same, time sing your praise is downright disgusting!

The reason he is so evil is that he is not, in fact, a human. In the final episode of Season one, we learn that he is the essence of an insect that transferred itself to a human brain after the destruction of the insects in the Insect Wars (thousands of years earlier). In his final speech he tells Kai:

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The victory of your ancestors was not complete. I am a survivor of the insect war, I passed some of my essence to humans, rightly believing that I would be more successful using humans to defeat themselves. Yours has been an enslaved species working tirelessly to achieve my re-birth. The Divine Insect Order begins. The insects will rule again. I bid you extinction!

HS's big brainHis Divine Shadow became the Giga Shadow a powerful, if short-lived, insect. It was destroyed when Squish, the little Cluster Lizard ate its way into the Giga Shadows brain. The Divine Order ended.

But His Shadow wasn’t completely destroyed. He managed to inject his essence into Kai. In the second series the essence was then transferred to Mantrid. Mantrid was destroyed however and now His Shadow’s essence controls Mantrid’s spaceship. Confused?….. ME TOO!

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