LEXX Convention: Picture Archive (Page Three) – Halifax, Canada 1999


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. August 1999
Danger – High Bandwidth
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Jihad cuddles Fishbone Lex Amber, fondled by Jihad Sad, Jihad and Sally (Sally is the o­ne with the mask) Sad dancing with CookyMaster, Cass, Jihad and Sally

Morrow, Cykat, Aaud and Kristen Fish, Rach, Cykat, Chic and Darkzone Fish, Rach, Cykat, Chic and Darkzone Amber and Lex's family Lexx has KISS records!!!! A last look at Halifax NY, Dwayne, Tania, Jamie and Me Dwayne

Alas, in the days when these pics were first published on the website, computer screen resolution was 800×600 pixels and the images seemed really high-res  🙂  I guess I’m gonna have to re-scan them when I get time :/

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