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Recommended – What to Watch in 2019 (if you haven’t already seen them)

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This is the first of about four quick and simple posts recommending some shows to watch in case you haven’t already seen them. This particular one will deal mainly with Netflix stuff that has already been shown this year, or is very close to airing.
I started a berief note on the forum about this but thought it best to do a post here instead.  Click the link if you want to give us your thoughts too.
Many of us have been watching our own list of stuff this year.  I have a couple of recommended shows – some you probably haven’t seen and would recommend you check them out. I’ve also added shows that I’ve watched (the obvious ones) and some that I’ve only just seen that are a couple of years old.
So, to start with, these are the start of titles on my watchlist – they are are some quite obvious ones (before I start recommending the high production russian crime sci fi series etc.  ๐Ÿ™‚


Dark (Netflix)

2 seasons. A German-language TV show about time travel and the problems it can cause. I actually really like time travel complexity stories, they can be varied and interesting (Red Dwarf did them best of course).
Dark, a German Sci Fi show on Netflix

The Society (Netflix)

1 season. Imagine you’re a teen (yes I know, difficult isn’t it  ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and you are with your friends on a school trip and when you get back to your small town, – it’s empty!  No parents, no siblings, no neighbours no people at all!  How much fun would that be!?
The Society

Love, Death + Robots (Netflix)

1 season. ‘R’ rated show that deals with adult themes that are supposed to make you think hard (or harder). ‘Really crazy sci-fi stories’ are how this animated short series of shows is being discribed by the critics.  All of them however, seem to like it – definately one to check out! Each episode has love/sex, death and robots in it.
Love Death and Robots

Osmosis (Netflix)

1 season. A foreign language (French), sci-fi, Black Mirror think-alike show that has high production and writing/script values.
Plot: While beta testing an implant that helps people find their ideal mate, the prototype goes wrong and the computer that is managing it all becomes a little too big for it’s boots.
Osmosis a French Netflix series

Russian Doll (Netflix)

1 season. 8 episodes of magic is what people are telling me about this.  I began to watch the show (1 episode i think) and got a bit bored.  But I’m hearing that I should have stayed with it since it does develop and become more adictive. I originally thought it was a gritty groundhog day story (with less feel-good factor and no Bill Murrey) but this gets a lot more into our head.  I’m going to have to re-check this out again.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

3 seasons. Our heroic ’80s children (and whatever Eleven is) go to a shopping mall where the usual stuff happens – yep, pretty much the same format for each season and you know what, it isn’t getting old.  This is a good story really well told by excellent acting and writing talent.

These are just a few.  I’ll post more recommendations (not just from me, but from the critics too) over the next few days.
If you would like to contribute your ideas and/or reviews/first impressions of these, feel free to add them in the forum
Shows I need to check out
The pictures, stories and eveything else associated with the above shows are copyright their respective creators and production companies.  All rights reserved.
Whishlist created by Tony Fawl
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