Red Dwarf: Ships: Prison Ship

Prison Shup - Full frontalThe Prison ship is a high security Prison Transport for keeping the most dangerous examples of human and Simulant prisoner in confinement. It has a very effective system of restraint called the Justice Field.

All visitors are guided into the docking bay where they find some pretty comical looking security boots (to make sure that they don’t go where they should not).

Prison Ship - the Justice Field (& boots)

The computer then searches their mind for evidence of criminal activity. If the visitors are guilty of any serious misdemeanor, they are held in on the Prison Ship, until the Justice field believes they are capable of returning as valid members of society. It is impossible to commit any acts of criminal activity on the Prison Ship.

The Justice Field works because any criminal act carried out, is performed on the criminal. For instance, if they try to steal something from someone, an item of their belongings goes missing. It is the perfect deterrent.

The Justice computer was invented to detect guilt. And the Justice Field was invented as a confinement mechanism.

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