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Red Dwarf is a huge spaceship. When I say huge, I don’t just mean big I mean HUGE! huge. It has at least 2600 floors and is four miles long (and seemingly became 6 miles long in Season 7). The ship is so big that it has an in-flight movie in the lift!

Red Dwarf - Name-tag shotIt is owned and (was) operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation around the planets of Earth’s Solar system before a lethal dose of radiation killed all the crew and sent the ship on a straight line away from Earth for three million years. You would think with an investment that size, that the Jupiter Mining Corp. would have tried to get it back.

Holly, a computer with an IQ of 6000 (which has yet to be verified) primarily controls the ship. And there are at least six Starbug Interstellar transport and twelve small Blue Transport ships on board (spotted in the last episode of season 8).

Red Dwarf - Bum shotRed Dwarf was lost in season 6 and 7 but returned in season 8.  It was dismantled by Nanobots and later rebuilt (complete with all the original crew) in season 8.

The unfortunate Red Dwarf only lasted another season as it was eventually destroyed due to a sort of acidic substance in the last show of season 8.  That poor ship has been through more changes than a gigolo’s underwear!

This was sent in by the very helpful James Axford …
Red Dwarf has a small moon embedded on its underside, the “scoop” on the front of the ship sucks hydrogen currents from the currents in space and converts it into fuel, the ship can only support one hologram, there is (or was) 1,169 crew members …

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Red Dwarf suffered a massive overhaul and rebuild when the series was revamped by the BBC.  No longer is it a short stubby spaceship… now it is far too sleek and elegant.

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