Stargate Atlantis: S01E03: Hide and Seek

Canadian scientist guy – Dr. McKay – is in the medical lab of the Irish Geezer, they are talking a bit about the Ancient’s Activation Gene (great name) and Irish Geezer injects Canadian scientist.

Well Canadian scientist guy finds some ancient technology, which happens to be a sort of force field. Fun times all around. I would probably have just about as much fun as McKay.

Turns out he can’t turn it off. My problem with this force field is that he can touch things. Since he can’t touch himself, and others can’t touch him, wouldn’t it be logical that he couldn’t touch anything? Just a question. Also, couldn’t he easily just slide his shirt off himself? I would think that it wouldn’t be that hard to get rid of it. But I guess that is just me.

Ok, so O’Neill 2 is telling a bed time story to these alien kids, and what does he pick? Friday the 13th. Even though they have no idea what half the shit he is talking about is. Ok, they don’t know what a hockey mask is. So do they also know what a machete is? A street? Stuff? Seriously if he is telling them stories try telling them something that they could half-way comprehend like Goldie Locks or something. To hell with stories talk about earth or something. This scene reminded me of the part from Reign of Fire with Star Wars. Can these writers come up with anything by themselves?

So after the bed time story part they spock lady goes and ask O’Neill # 2 what football was, because he was talking about it when he was trying to explain what a hockey mask was. Also Spock-lady wears very NOW style clothing – belly shirts and such. Also she seems to have very good grooming habits considering she is a primitive. I mean, she plucks her eyebrows, shaves her pits, combs her hair, and all kinds of other things. Now this doesn’t seem to strange, I mean its personal grooming habits, but most old world cultures from which these aliens come from didn’t do it. Yeah. That’s all I have to say about that.

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Well, O’Neill 2 shows spock-lady football, how? Turns o­n the TV. Did I miss something? Why would they let him bring a TV, VCR and a bunch of football tapes. They also had popcorn. Did they bring a popcorn popper? I guess. Did they also bring a converter for modern appliances to ancients? I don’t see that happening. God, I hate this show.

So anyways some kids decide to go play hide and seek. o­ne gets lost and lets some dark, evil, spooky creature loose. I noticed today’s episode of Atlantis and today’s episode of Stargate had a similar bad guy, they were both clouds of blackness. Interesting. Not really. I am tired of the whole pure energy life forms. it’s been used by every sci fi, space show i can think of.

Oh, and the kid who got lost and unleashed the DARK FORCE HAHA tells the Atlantis crew to go to a small room full of boxes. First place they go, BOOM! they made it. First try they found the damn room. Is there o­nly o­ne room with boxes? I mean it is a small room, there has got to be more than o­ne. But no, there isn’t. Oh, so they go into the small room and are teleported into another room – where they find the damn little boy that was lost, I think they said his name was Lexx. What the hell was that? Lexx? Damn, they are stealing stuff from other shows o­n the network. What next, a boy named Tripping the Rift? A girl named Farscape? A gun named Chode? A ship called The Invisible Man? A can of pop/soda called John Crichton? Ahh, I could go o­n all day.

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Oh, and McKay decides to throw a fit because he is hungry. Also, he thinks he is gonna die.

On the subject of McKat he seems a lot nicer in this show than o­n Stargate, he whines a lot but he isn’t as much of a dick head anymore. I think I liked the dick head more. Oh yes, conviently he whines during the whole episode but when they actually needed him to do something the damn force field thingy falls off. Bad times. Also McKay figures out how a bunch of stuff works – like how to rearrange stuff so it opens doors, and how the kid opened the thingy that THE CLOUD OF EVIL was in. I just don’t get this show.

Oh, the black guy, who is apparently British, he finally has a part in the show and he is attacked and sent into the doctor’s office. Poor black people always get the shit kicked outta them in TV shows. I don’t know any black people who get there asses kicked. It just doesn’t happen. Maybe it was because he was BRITISH. Hehe.

Well, fast forward a commercial and we have the end. Good stuff here. McKay decides to be a hero and help the other send the CLOUD OF EVIL into the stargate. How does he do it? He puts o­n his FORCE FIELD OF GOODNESS o­n walks into the CLOUD OF EVIL and it was really cool. Because the force field of goodness was constantly being hit by the cloud of evil… I thought it was good effects there. Or maybe I’m giving the show to much credit.

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