Taking Stock – Nearly 25 Years!

I thought it would be good to take a break from writing reviews for a little while (a day honest) and take stock of where we are and where we came from. If you are an above average intelligence sci fi fan who is just after a cool – a bit different – place to visit on the internet that has info on sci fi sites that you like, where would you go?  I’m really struggling.  I can’t find anywhere.  I want this site to be that place!

Currently, sadgeezer.com is a husband and wife team from the uk.  We have one of the oldest and largest sci fi review sites on the internet and have been doing this for nearly 25 years – on and off.  We recently decided to step up the development and the site and resurrect many of the old posts and reviews.  It’s been a blast honestly, we have enjoyed reading through some of the old stuff and looking at forum posts that are 18 years old!!  The first forum posts (twenty four years old) were lost because they used the original Ultimate BBS forum which we migrated from in 1999(yeah, like last century!) – we couldn’t bring our old posts with us.  I can’t remember seeing posts older than 18 years old on a sci fi site and still, they are fun to read too.  People who watched classic shows like Babylon 5 and Red Dwarf (before it became crappy) and Lexx as they aired would post their views and opinions at a time – in an era when our very sci fi culture was very different – imagine reading forum posts of people who watched the original Star Trek as it aired!

It’s been a helluva of a journey, the original attempt at producing a sci fi fan site with detailed reviews of popular sci fi shows that would not offend or wind up sci fi fans, still remains but isn’t really, that popular.  After nearly 25 years, we aren’t working on this site full time and maybe that’s a good thing. If we had commercialised it with click-bait graphics and reviews, would it have been better?  We don’t think so, currently (and after a big content cleanup) we have 6000 pages of si fi reviews and topics and comments that are as relevant today as they were when the shows the discuss were first aired.

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On the whole, we are proud of what we’ve done but want to make it better and maybe look at doing this full time.  We’re experimenting with SEO and looking at ways of making reviews of sci-fi shows, games, books and films a commercial entity. I’m not saying we will achieve the goal, but we are looking to try and make it something that you will want to be a part of – a place you feel like you belong.  You may even want to review sci fi stuff and post it to this site yourself.  We have had some really great reviewers over the years.

The current status of the site is that we have recently resurrected it from being an archive to something we want to promote and get people to visit and take part in.  I have a meeting on Saturday with a very cool graphics dude (Mike, aka mbedd) who produced the original graphics for the show, to see if we can step it up a bit.

And that’s the rub.

After twenty five years of watching cool sci fi and writing about it the web sites that we can go and talk about it are shit, seriously, I hate to talk excrement but really, we have amazingly cool people reviewing shows badly and on crappy websites that look crap!  We need to do better or we are going to look like morons! (or worse still, mirrors).

The sci fi community constitute a group of people who are of above average intelligence, who are well educated, typically above degree level or if not accredited, who certainly have a high IQ and who are among the highest disposable income earners in the demographic. People who like interesting and cool shows to watch when they are in ‘downtime mode’ do not have a place they can visit on line – and its a fucking shame!

I want sadgeezer.com to be the place that you want to visit on your downtime and where you will be entertained and where you will find things of interest to talk about and to do.  It is the main reason for sadgeezer.com existence. It is our strategy for success and our main goal for the development of the site. Once we have setup the forums so that you can better interact, we will encourage you input to let us know what it is that you want to see and what it is that you want to talk about.

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