The Kings Avatar is available on Netflix

Unbelievable!  It’s great news for those of us who hate the poorly subtitled versions that are currently being screened on WeTV and other streaming sites but alas, the Netflix versions currently only go up to episode 20 (as of 23rd August).

Kings Avatar is now available on Netflix - and the subtitles are much better!
Kings Avatar is now available on Netflix – and the subtitles are much better!

So far, I know that Netflix in the UK, South East Asia, the Philippines and USA are showing the live action saga, but I’m not sure of the other countries.  There are new shows posted every Friday (last week it went from 10 shows to 20 in two days! I think they are trying to catch up to WeTV etc.)

I’m hearing that the subtitles are not very good (e.g. “give more blood” instead of “heal me”).

I’ll check some of the episodes out again and update here as I find out more details of quality and schedule.  I suspect that there will be 5 new episodes posted per week in the future until the saga is complete.

Update 2nd September 2019: 30 episodes have been loaded (Chinese Audio, Simple Chinese and English subtitles).  The rest of the episodes will be available on 6th September.

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