The Prisoner: Science: Neuroelectric Facilitator

Number 6's dream onscreen

Neuropharmacologist Number 14 invented and developed a machine which translates electrical impulses from REM sleep in sedated individuals into visual and audio signals, thus allowing observation of their dreams on a screen.

More importantly, she also developed a neuroelectric facilitator, a drug which allows reversal of the process. Using this medication, the operator of the machine is able to influence the dreams of the subject with video and audio, but as the NEF does not involve heightened suggestibility, he or she will react in the dream with their own personality.

Used properly, this technique can uncover the subject’s true motivation in an induced situation or confirm his or her loyalty.

The drug can only be administered to any subject in a maximum of three doses, each spaced 24 hours apart. Any more than that will be fatal.

Speculative scientific aspects of The Prisoner have come from a combination of the television episodes, related comics and novels, and unrelated scientific resources. This article is copyright Pet Serrano 2003. Carlton International owns all rights to The Prisoner.

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