The Prisoner: Technology: Paralyzer

The Village is equipped throughout with different methods of stunning and temporary paralysis. Using electromagnetic waves and ultrasound, a properly aimed paralyzer will interrupt the activity of neurotransmitters and electrical impluses in the brain and Central Nervous System.

Paralyzer systems can be identified by their bright blue lights. The light both focuses the ultrasound and catches the subject’s attention for easier access to the frontal lobe. They are located in Number 2’s office, the Embryo Room, and the Town Hall, among other places. In general office use the default setting is very low. It is normally necessary to interrupt a difficult citizen’s thought patterns for only a few seconds.

One of the Taxis is still equipped with a system specifically designed to interrupt nerve impulses in the legs of a fleeing prisoner, as their frontal lobe may be inaccessible. This close-range paralyzer system was also used on the original mechanical rovers before the colloidal spheres were perfected.

Paralyzer beams housed in the flag poles throughout the Village are available for use in long-distance stunning, but are far too dangerous for close-range use. The beam default is set to kill, but its strength can be controlled manually.

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