The Prisoner: Technology: Reaction Transmitter

A reaction transmitter is small device used in conjunction with hypnosis to create a human tracking system. The original reaction transmitters were implanted in the brains of dolphins in an attempt to create organic submarine detectors. The human version of this is housed in a locket.

Standard procedure developed by Psychiatrist Number 23 uses hypnosis to convince subjects they are in love with other Prisoners. Only general hypnosis is recommended as the drugs involved in enhanced hypnosis may cause unpredictable changes in pulse rate and respiratory function. All physical reactions must be natural in order to properly calibrate the alarm system.

Through use of a pulse transistor hidden in the locket, the Observation department can create a behavioral template based on the subject’s pulse rate while away from the target, spotting the target and while with the target. Once this information is programmed into the system, the subject becomes a living alarm and tracking system for prisoners who are otherwise difficult to track through normal video and audio methods.

Speculative scientific aspects of The Prisoner have come from a combination of the television episodes, related comics and novels, and unrelated scientific resources.

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