Tripping the Rift: Cultures: Snortaline

Snortaline is the vice planet of the galaxy.Snortaline is the vice planet of the galaxy. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, loud parties, booze and sex define this party world.

Normally I like to write the second paragraph about what a member of this culture would be doing in a bar, or what kind of parties these dudes like to throw. However it may be illegal in some areas of the world for me to actually describe these sorts of activities. So all I can say is use your imagination, it’s not too difficult!

Snortaliners are made up of two kinds of people; those who have way too much money and no responsibility. And the people the mooch off of them! The latter category consists of hookers, underage groupies, illegitimate children, and lots freeloading posse members.

Snortaline saying:    First served, first come.

The parties on Snortaline are out of this world. They’re often so loud that, it carries through space, and annoys the neighboring planets. There are no inhabitions on this planet. All forms of alternate sex occurs here: dogging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bestiality (with large quadrupeds), lesbians, orgies…

Despite the rather affluent upper class, the booze is always cheap on the planet. So if you’re looking for some smooth liquor, look elsewhere. However the finest pharmaceuticals can be found on this world.

Race Rating – Snortaline
Personality 1 (rancid butter) – 5 (cool dude) 5
Attractiveness 1 (requires paper bag) – 5 (Drop-dead-gorgeous) 4
Humor 1 (stomach-turning) – 5 (sidesplitting) 3
Dress Sense 1 (laughable) – 5 (hip) 5
Aggression 1 (big/little softy) – 5 (hard as nails) 2
Social Standing 1 (scumbag) – 5 (god) 4

Sad Geezer Race Rating   (out of 30)  23          

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