Tripping the Rift: People: George Goodfellow

George Goodfellow is a career conservation politician who ran on the Confederate ticket for the presidency of Floridian 7. He’s the typical corrupt southern conservative who stands for good clean family values. Too bad he doesn’t practice what he preaches…

If you were to meet Goodfellow in a pub, he’d be drinking Buds. He’d be hitting on all the hot chicks… in front of his wife! During the Floridian 7 presidential election, Goodfellow locked up his family and replaced them with PC perfect robots to show off to the voters. His “children” where always well groomed and behaved, and his “wife” was the perfect subordinate.

His real family looked and acted more like the Osborne’s!  Goodfellow likes the ladies a lot. The geezer has the distinct honour of being the first character we’ve actually seen have sex with Six! He’s was so impressed with all 600 of her sexual positions that he just had to have her… literally! The git placed a love slave data disc in Six and forced her to be his loyal love slave. That was until Six discovered what he had done to her and his family.

Goodman won the election 21 mil to 6 mil. But his celebration was short lived. A liberated Six showed up with his real family and exposed his criminal activities. Goodman was arrested and had to forfeit the election to his Dark Clown opponent Klak Klownman.

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