Tripping the Rift: People: Gus

Gus lording it in the Captains ChairGus is a robot with a heart… no he isn’t! but he has at least got a brain… a nasty one. He/it is a cantankerous, insolent and sarcastic member of the crew.

If you were to meet him in the pub he would probably make some sarcastic comment about your boy/girlfriend and you would be obliged to kick the shine off his polished gold ass. I can’t imagine this dude ever buying anyone a drink!

Bring it on!He is gold with blue eyes and has a number of useful gadgets for working (or fighting). We see one of these in his altercation with Chode… a cross between a blow torch and a cigarette lighter.

Despite Chode’s obvious dislike for his engineer, Gus seems to have the ability or authority to do with the ship whatever he likes. I suspect however, that the fight on the bridge was the fault of Chode rather than Gus.

There was a need to fix a freon converter (that makes ice-cubes) and not (according to Six) a requirement for a working hyper-drive. I wonder therefore, if Gus will turn out to be a free-thinking, very talented and yet disrespectful member of the crew. Hopefully he wont turn out to be some witty, gold coloured imbecile as depicted in the pilot episode.

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