Tripping the Rift: People: Regis Philbrick

Philbrick is the King of Muldavia 5 and long lost twin brother to Chode. He was adopted by Muldavian royalty at birth and was only recently reunited with his brother.

If you were to see Philbrick in a pub, he’d be drinking Michelob (much like his brother). The royal purple blob would be chatting up all the ladies and even take some home with him to his royal pleasure palace.

Philbrick’s parents weren’t very well off. So when his mother bore twins, his parents were more then willing to sell him to a rich family so that he could live a better life, and they could gamble away the money! Philbrick grew up with the finest toys and education money could buy. He was constantly surrounded by friends, advisors and sycophants. Ironically though, Philbrick has an almost identical personality to his twin. They think alike and often have the same regard (or lack thereof) for their employees.

After the death of his adopted father Donald Pumpus 27th, he rose to the throne of Muldavia 5 a peaceful and quaint planet. But secretly Philbrick wanted to get off his boring planet. To escape from the boring bureaucratic lifestyle he would booze it up and then pay for some phone sex. Often without getting the phone too dirty. These escapes from reality eventually bankrupted him.

Luckily his twin brother Chode crashed on his planet. Philbrick offered to switch places with the smuggling captain, an offer that Chode accepted gleefully. Philbrick took off on the Jupiter 42, leaving Chode behind with all his former problems.

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But soon after Philbrick had his own problems, namely Darph Bobo who almost killed him. After Chode fixed things on Muldavia, he came back and helped rescue Philbrick from Bobo. Philbrick returned to Muldavia refreshed, with a new perspective on how to rule his people.

Philbrick thinks that the similarities between him and Chode are genetic. But this sadgeezer thinks otherwise. Chode grew up with nothing, so now he craves everything to compensate for his earlier lack of wealth. Meanwhile Philbirck grew up with everything and was spoiled. It’s only natural that he would grave anything and everything.

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