Tripping the Rift: People: Darph Bobo

Darph is an evil bugger that has no respect for anything!

A pissed off DarphIf you were to meet him in the pub you would not think he was the entertainment. He’s far too cool looking! Darph Bobo would split you in half and steal your beer without a seconds thought. Yep, meeting this geezer in the pub would definitely be bad for your health!

He seems to be in some sort of position of authority. Clearly this must be the case if he is able to command Stormtroopers. More importantly, his authority seems to be absolute. There aren’t many armies where you can clobber and kill your own soldiers with impunity. In the second episode teaser, it seemed that Darph Bobo answered to a higher (more senior) authority. An even more sinister looking clown – the Dark Clown Emporer. What is this organisation? Is it some sort of Dark Clown army? If so, why are they clowns and why are they evil?

Darph and Chode certainly have a history – inDarph when he's REALLY pissed off prison! It seems that they were once quite erm… close. Gus correctly assumed that they had some sort of homosexual relationship and in the second episode teaser, Chode certainly seemed to miss his ol’ buddy (or should that be bum-buddy).

Bobo was most certainly NOT killed off in the first… pilot episode. For a start he is far too popular and secondly, we saw him re-appear in the second episode teaser, and of course in the TV series.

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