Tripping the Rift: People: Smith N. Wesson

Smith N Weeson was the governor of Harmonia 7. He’s the man who led the once peaceful world through an infinite downward spiral of paranoia, violence and suffering. If you were to see Wesson in a pub, he’d be robbing it. It’d be best if you make yourself scarce, because he will shoot you for seeing too much. Besides taking the money, he’d also take a cheap bottle of bourbon. Wesson started out as a lowly politician on the planet.

But he engineered crime waves that brought fear and paranoia to the people of the world. He proposed and enacted popular laws to combat the wave of crime. Most of these laws involved guns. Almost any form of weapon is legal on Harmonia thanks to him.

The only remaining gun law was for a mandatory ten minute security check when purchasing a weapon. Wesson’s popularity grew for creating these laws and eventually rose to planetary governor. He enacted martial law, keeping him in power for years. During his reign he started more gun programs to satisfy his gun fetish, and the new found gun lust of Harmonia. His rule was ended when his son Aidan assassinated him in a gun duel, and took control of the planet.

Wesson looks a lot like NRA President Charlton Heston, and is voiced by Terrence Scammel.

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