Tripping the Rift: Ships: Sex Slave 1

The Sex Slave 1 is Bobafett’s ship. And its bloody huge! It’s almost half the size of the Jupiter 42, and it only has one crewmember. If you were to see the Sex Slave 1 on the road it would be a Lincoln Navigator. It’s big, it takes up two lanes. And its outright intimidating. It’s driver would be the butchest woman on the road. Try not to piss her off. It’s hard to believe that a ship that big could be operated by one man. The ship has a tiny command bridge, and no computer AI to help run the major functions.

Everything is done by Bobafett. This Sadgeezer’s best guess is that most of that space is used as a brig to hold his captured prisoners. Other areas of the ship could be used to power the ultra powerful tractor beam. The ship is heavily armoured and has lots of shields. So damaging the ship could be difficult. However it has little in the way of weapons. That’s because Bounty Hunters only get paid if they bring back live prisoners, not charred broiled bodies.

So the Sex Slave 1 has a very powerful tractor beam to reign in prisoners’ ships. The Sex Slave 1 is a parody of Star Wars Slave 1 which is Boba Fett’s bounty hunter ship.

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