Tripping the Rift: People: Spankey

Spankey the monkey promised to be Chode’s big pay day. He’s the largest monkey-diamond ever discovered, and somehow Chode got his hands on him, my guess through a poker game. If you were to see Spankey in a bar, he’d be the impromptu entertainment.

With a bud lite in one hand, and a Hawaiian guitar in the other, he’d go from table to table singing songs for tips to buy more beer. Like all monkey-diamonds, Spankey sings in an enclosed perfectly cut diamond. He can sing opera, 80’s rap, and maybe even folk music.

Chode wanted to sell him for millions, but Spankey was stolen from Chode on Harmonia 7. He was eventually recovered, but the hoodlums cracked the diamond encasement, making him worthless. Who’d want a singing monkey encrusted in a 99% perfect diamond anyway?! Spankey gets his name from his other “talents”.

While not singing the ‘lil perv takes after his owner and “spanks the monkey” non-stop. He does this at weird and inappropriate times, often in front of T’Nuk. T’Nuk tried to flush him down the toilet, but the tenacious little dude just came right back up. Currently Whip keeps him as a pet.

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