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In a show which personifies god as a total bad ass, the Devil must be ten fold worse. In Tripping the Rift, the Devil goes by many names: Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub (I am aware that its really o­ne of his minions, but tell that to the producers), Mephistopheles, the Prince of Darkness, Prince of Lies, the Adversary, and Barry. Barry?! What kind of an evil name is Barry? One would o­nly expect him be a total git when compared with god, but not with a name like Barry.

If you were to meet the Devil in a bar, he’d be sending drinks to all the lovely and not so lovely ladies. After the server sends the drink to the woman, she’d gaze over at the Don Juan-abee and see him raise his glass of “Captain and Coke”. Most of the time, the woman will send the drink back.

The Devil is kind of a punk really. His powers aren’t very strong, and the worst he could do is fool a person with some cheap illusions. To make up for his shortcomings, he likes to do impersonations of evil Hollywood movie characters. The Devil has made many acting careers. But o­nly to dumb-down American media even further. He’s not even the source of all that’s evil. That job is left to god, who created him and evil at the same time.

He’s no fool though. He’s been part of so many cons over the years, that he can smell o­ne a mile away. Don’t try playing cards with the Devil. He’ll kick your ass! Not because he’ll cheat, the Devil does not cheat at cards, but because he’s knows when your cheating or bluffing and will play accordingly.

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Challenging the Devil in court is almost always a mistake. Mostly because it’d be difficult to find a lawyer since he controls the entire supply! His chief attorney is the Annihilator 5000. He does have o­ne legal vulnerability. He has yet to win a trial against a lawyer named Webster. Both losing a case against Daniel Webster in 1893 and Emmanuel “Webster” Lewis in the tripping ‘verse.

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