Tripping the Rift: People: Whip

Whip: (n) a device used to motivate others through pain
Slacker (n): a teenager who accomplishes absolutely nothing, nor wishes to do so. A creature who is a waste on resources. Ex (see picture on left)

Sarcasm: saying something, but meaning something else, in a slightly comical way. ex: Naming the shows laziest crew member after an instrument used to motivate others to accomplish work.

Whip is Chode’s nephew. It seems weird, but keep in mind the Bobo is rumored to be Chode’s brother too! The family resemblance is still there though. Both seek to do as little work as possible, and both want to get laid by Six.

But that’s where the two begin to deviate. 1) Chode does get some occasionally from Six. 2) Chode is willing to work a little, usually with the aid of robots/slaves to make money.

Whip wants none of that! He exists for only two reasons: Chug every kind of beer, and his perpetual crusade to bed Six. He’s making significant progress on the first!

If you were to see Whip in a bar, he’d be trying to buy beer with his fake ID.

No body’s sure how Whip conned his way onto the Jupiter 42, including most of the crew. Conning requires a little work and that’s just not his style. The best theory points to plain old nepotism. Ah nepotism, without it, too much would get done….

Originally Whip was going ot be some 35 year-old do-nothing squatter. And no-one on the ship knew how he got onboard or why Chode let him stay around. But eventually he became a teenager, and then somehow his nephew!

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