Tripping the Rift: Ships: Free Enterprise

The Free Enterprise was the original spaceship of our intrepid crew. It’s a beat up junker of a space craft that is little more then a cargo hold with a few interspersed crew quarters. Very rarely did anything ever work properly on the ship, and when something did work, it was a very bad omen.

If you were to see the Free Enterprise on the road, it’d be some teenagers first car. It’d be a piece of crap with the rust spots, and different coloured fenders. It would be an embarrassment to be on the same road as that death trap, but for the high school aged driver; it’s a dream come true!

The Free Enterprise had very little in the way of weapons or armour. And by little I mean nothing, or at least nothing that worked. The only defense the clunker had was a hyper drive engine, that almost never worked. The Free Enterprise was Dark Clown bait!But for all its many negatives it did have a good spots. Namely its.. err …name, a play on Star Trek’s many Enterprises. And the name also spelled out the crew’s main objective, to make money!

In the still unseen episode 2 short, the Free Enterprise also had a phallic shaped observation deck. Here Chode would stare out into the stars to meditate and figure out plans to make more money. The walls were partially reflective here so that Gus couldn’t sneak up on Chode to kill him.

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