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For a time, this Cult TV Sci Fi Show was considered a modern classic. Set in deep space, the programme revolves around the adventures of Dylan Hunt, captain of the Andromeda Ascendant, his crew members, and their efforts to restore the Systems Commonwealth, a government that was responsible for a time of extended peace and prosperity. The sci-fi series is based on previously unused materials written by late writer Gene Roddenberry. Alas, it isn’t shown much these days I guess it got a little too cheesy. The links below provide details of Episodes, character biographies and cultures associated with the show – there is even a Purity Test!

Andromeda TV Show EpisodesAndromeda Episode Reviews

Our aim was to review as much of the detail in each episode as possible as some of the interactions and story-lines were a little complicated. The hope was it could act as a reference to help you unravel a little of the complexity as the saga developed.

Andromeda CharactersCharacter Biographies

– Fun facts about your favourite characters from the show (and maybe some not so nice ones too). This section reviews the biographies of key cast members.

Andromeda Culture ReviewCultures of Andromeda

– One of the post important aspects of the series was the rich diversity of the shows cultures and politics. In this section, we take a look at each of the main ones and ask, would you invite one (or more) of these people to your party?

Andromeda Purity Test

The Famous SadGeezers Andromeda Purity Test

So you think you know about Andromeda? This will test your knowledge thoroughly – it will also provide you with a Psychometric Test that is so accurate, you can take the results with you to job interviews!

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