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The SadGeezers Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 7) Introduction

This is the guide for season seven of a marvelous show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. It’s not quite a sci-fi since it had only one alien and even less spaceships, but it’s definitely a cult show and a modern-day classic.

This guide will be mostly written by Newkate, because Saddy can’t do it all by himself (lazy sod), so don’t be surprised if the writing concentrates less on boobs of female cast an more on deep, serious subjects, like bums of the male cast.

BUFFY Episodes

A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures and sound files.

BUFFY People

Biographies of the most important cast members.

The Famous BUFFY Purity Test

Well, ok not famous.  Test your Buffy knowledge, ingenuity and silliness.

Buffy reviews are © 2002-2019 Newkate.
Not for reproduction without the authors express permission .

BUFFY names, characters graphical material and everything else associated with the series are the property of Mutant Enemy, Inc. and UPN.

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