Crusade: Character Biographies

JMS was an expert at developing characters and stories that were far reaching and, at the same time fun. Alas, Crusade suffered in it’s inception because of the rather stupid interference from TNT who were worried that the show was going to be too complex for the audience.  This dumbing down caused some real problems for the show and the TNT influenced shows were shown first.  The JMS influenced shows (the real story) were shown later.  As a result, the characters are very poorly portrayed and confusing.  Imaging that the latter episodes were the real story and the first ones were a mistake.  Then you should be able to get a better understanding of where the show was aiming.

Captian Mathew Gideon
A Thinking Mans’ Captain

The fate of humanity lies in this man’s hands. He commands the Excalibur, on a mission to find a cure for the Drakh plague.

Lt John Matheson
Obedeint, Bereacratic, Telepath

First Officer on the Excalibur, and the first Telepath in Earth Force.

Condescending Technomage

Booted out of the Order of Technomages for having too much exposure with lesser people (humans), he drops in on the Excalibur from time to time to lend assistance and talk down to the crew.

Dr. Max Eilerson
Condescending Archaeologist

An IPX contractor aboard the Excalibur. He’s an expert linguist and archeologist who spends is time trying deciphering old ruins and talking down to the crew.

Dureena Nafeel
Theif, tunnel rat, lock picker

The last of her species, (the rest met their end by the Drakh/Shadows) she must come to terms with being alone exacting bitter cold revenge on those who wronged her.

Dr. Sara Chambers Determined but Calm Doctor 

In charge of the medical research team on the mission to find a cure for the plague. Rather then spend her time in the lab, she goes on a lot of field missions, often muttering comments to the like of Dr. McCoy.

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