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Firefly Introduction

The cast of FIREFLY.

This newer Joss Whedon series started off marvellously. It’s a sci fi show set in space with a Wild West motif. It’s not particularly innovative and the science is a little screwy sometimes (I guess they are trying to stick to the western in space idea which is a little controversial to some sci fi fans.

This isn’t a show with many special effects or cool aliens. The spaceships look bloody awful and there is no latex!! (It’s strange how Whedon plasters so much alien stuff on the characters in Buffy and Angel (set on Earth) and hardly any plastic make-up for his latest show set in space!).

And yet, the characterisation is first class. Whedon has made every effort to keep the humour and ‘fun’ and the quality of the acting performances is usually excellent. Overall , if you are a Sci Fi SadGeezer, you’re gonna love this.

Firefly Main Menu of Resources

Zoe, cook? Ha!Firefly Episodes

A detailed review (with pictures) of each show as it is aired.

Firefly People

Biographies of the most important cast members and a summary of what they got up to.

Two by Two - Hands are blueThe Firefly Cultures

The background to the main cultures and races encountered during the saga.  Also includes a Race Rating table (indicative party invite guide).

The Infamous Firefly Purity Test

Test your Firefly knowledge, ingenuity and silliness. Ok, ok, maybe it’s not very famous. Test your Farscape knowledge, ingenuity and silliness.  This is a serious bit of fun that has a psychometric test bolted onto it.  The test is so accurate, you can brag about the score to your mother while you are out shopping!

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