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Episode Reviews

Alas, not all of the shows in the saga have been reviewed.  Here are the ones that have:


Pilot Episode (1AGE00). Written by: Joss Whedon. Directed by: Joss Whedon

This was actually shown after episode 10 – it gives a great backplot to the saga and it’s a crying shame that it wasn’t the first episode shown.


The Train JobThe Train Job

Written by: Joss Whedon & Tim Minear.
Directed by: Joss Whedon

This is the first show that aired: Captain Mal and his crew are commissioned to steal cargo from a Train.
But it”s never going to be that simple!



Written by: Tim Minear. Directed by: Tim Minear

The Serenity is bushwhacked by a Reever AND caught by an Alliance Cruiser.


Our Mrs RAynoldsOur Mrs. Raynolds

Written by: Joss Whedon
Directed by: Vondie Curtis Hall

Captain Mal learns that he is married to a pretty woman. Unfortunately, it turns out that she”s pretty nasty.


Our Mrs RAynoldsJaynestown

Written by: Ben Edlund
Directed by: Marita Grabiak

After a foiled robbery 6 years earlier. Jayne returns to a town to find that he is their hero! Complete with statue.



Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Vern Gillum

Mal accidentally challenges a master swordsman to a duel to the death.


Episodes missing from these reviews are: 

S01E05 “Safe”
S01E08 “Out of Gas”
S01E09 “Ariel”
S01E10 “War Stories”
S01E11 “Trash”
S01E12 “The Message”
S01E13 “Heart of Gold”
S01E14 “Objects in Space” 


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