LEXX: Bibliography (to 2000)

LEXX Bibliography

Prepared by Karen Pender-Gun
(to 25-August-2000)

Ambit’s SF TV Talk Newsletter Lexx at last” (5th June 2000)
– Newsbytes : [online at: www.ambitweb.com/sftvtalk] (link dead)
– Us Sci-Fi showing Lexx
Cable and Satellite TV Europe Alexander, Claire “(Gruesome and violent with a slab of sex…)” (October 1998)
Calgary Sun Bickley, Claire “Lots of brains, but no thought” (17th April 1997).
Calgary Sun PC “Sexy sci-fi series takes off” (4th December 1998)
Calgary Sun Dawson, Anne “PM sure loves TV – smitten with sci-fi star”
(11th August 1999).
Calgary Sun McLeod, Pat. “Lexx appeal strong” (10th April 2000) p.
Calgary Sun McLeod, Tyler “The Joy of Lexx: Xenia Seeberg embraces her role as inter-stellar love slave…and she can sing too” (11th April 2000)
Canadian Corporate NewsLEXX III launches on Space: The Imagination Station on April 10th at 9pm ET” (20th March 2000)
Canadian Corporate News “Salter Street Films: SCI-FI Channel acquires more LEXX” (9th March 2000)
Canadian Corporate News “Lexx on location in Berlin and Namibia” (15th December 1999)
Canadian Corporate News “Salter Street Films announces US premiere of LEXX on the SCI-FI channel” (30th September 1999)
Chicago Sun-Times Werts, Diane “Lighter, hipper shows fire up Sci-fi channel” (19th April 2000), p. 51.
– shows on Sci-Fi channel, including Lexx.
Cinefantasique Johnson, Ian “Lexx- Dark Zone adventures – Paul Donovan’s living, oozing, exploding universe”, Vol. 28, no. 7 (Jan 1996), p. 8-15
online at: www.goldrush.com/~herd/lexx/article/
Cinescape “In production” – Lexx (December 1999)
Cult Times Ainsworth, John “Lexx and Co”, no. 36 (September 1998), p. 24.
– information on the films.
online at: http://lexx.future.easyspace.com/lexxcult.htm (link dead)

-“Lexx’s Dark Zone appreciated as it’s Sci-Fi channel run begins…”
Cult Times Ainsworth, John “Lexx does it again” no. 40 (January 1999), p. 42.
– Preview of season 2.
Cult Times Ainsworth, John “Slave trading” no. 41 (February 1999), p. 46-.
– Interview with Xenia Seeberg.
Cult Times Binding, Lee “Instant Guide to Lexx” no. 47 (August 1999) p. ?
online at: www.visimag.com/culttimes/cx47display.htm (link dead)

Cult Times Spragg, Paul “Death star” no. 47 (August 1999) p. 22-25
– Interview with Michael McManus
Cult Times Gibson, Thomasina “Bugman” no. 50 (November 1999) p. 36-39
-Interview with Paul Donovan.
online at: www.visimag.com/culttimes/cx50display.htm (link dead)

Cult Times Gibson, Thomasina “Bad head” no. 51 (December 1999), 16-.
– Jeffrey Hirshfield.
Cult Times Gibson, Thomasina “Tweedle’s about” no. 53 (February 2000) p. 36-39
– Interview with Brian Downey about season 3.
Cult Times Gibson, Thomasina “The artist formally known as LaCroix” no. 54
(March 2000), 22-.
– Nigel Bennet.
Cult Times Gibson, Thomasina “Luscious lizard” no. 56 (May 2000), p. 20-
– Xenia.
Daily Star (UK) O’Gorman, Jane “Have you seen Xenia?” (8th January 2000)
– silly interview with Xenia.
Daily Telegraph (5th December 1997)
Dreamwatch (February 1999) – Xenia Seeburg interview
Dreamwatch Thomas, Ruth “Lexx” no. 69 (May 2000), p. 67
– Reviews of episodes 2.7 and 2.8
Edmonton Sun Tilley, Steve “Blastoff for Lexx – Canadian-German series set to launch on Space Channel” (4th December 1998)
Edmonton Sun Dawson, Anne “Space babes put PM into orbit : Chretien eyes action on visit to sci-fi show” (18th August 1999).
Edmonton Sun McLeod, Tyler “Lexx appeal strong: star says it’s tough to find any other projects as interesting” (10th April 2000)
– Xenia on season 3.
Excalibur (York University) Chezzi, Derek “Paul Donovan launches sci-fi series” v. 32, no. 4 (6th August 1997)
– in Arts Review
online at: www.yorku.ca/org/xcalibur/arts1august6.html (link dead)

Evening Standard Phillips, Geoffrey “Lust in Space”
Focus Magazine (December 1999) p. 27
Globe and Mail (10th December 1998)
Globe and Mail (18th August 1999)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (10-16th June 1998)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (27th August 1998)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (9th September 1998)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (29th October 1998)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (12th August 1999)
Halifax Chronicle Herald (14th August 1999) “Lexxians celebrate show”
online here at: lexxcons/hali/article.htm
Halifax Chronicle Herald (1st October 1999)
Halifax Daily News (29th January 1998)
Halifax Daily News (30th May 1998)
Halifax Daily News (22nd November 1998)
Halifax Daily News (15th August 1999)
Halifax Herald Lee, Pat “Sex plus f/x equals Lexx” (10th December 1998)
Hamilton Spectator Malleck, Bonnie “Get ready for blood and gore galore”
(18th April 1997)
– *** Check for content***
Hollywood Reporter Hansen, Eric “TiMe explores ‘Dark Side’ for production push”
(10th May 1996).
Hollywood Reporter Brennan, Steve “Foreign deals are first to fly for sci-fi series” (24th September 1998).
Hollywood Reporter Bersten, Paula “Lexx warps into sci-fi net” (1-3 October 1999).
Kitchner-Waterloo Record Malleck, Bonnie “Dark Zone stories…sci-fi with a difference” (18th April 1997)
online at : www.therecord.com
Kitchner-Waterloo Record “Chretien gets to call for ‘action’” (18th August 1999)
London Free Press McKay, John “Lexx meant to be way out there” (11th December 1998)
London Free press CP “PM sees ‘action’ behind cameras” (18th August 1999)
Los Angeles Times Werts, Diane “It’s a big universe out there for a small screen to explore” (25th April 2000)
– ***Check for content***
Model and Collector’s Mart (October 1999)
Model and Collector’s Mart (November 2000)
Moncton Time and Transcript (11th December 1998)
Multi Channel News (11th October 1999)
National Post (Canada) (2nd March 2000)
National Post (Canada) (19th November 1999)
National Post (Canada) (1st October 1999)
National Post Brown, Dan “The Best lines always go to the robot” (Canada) (Arts and Life section) (9th May 2000).
– Not so great review of season 3
online at: www.nationalpost.com/artslife:
Note: articles only held for 60 days on web site
New Orleans Times-Picayune (2nd January 2000)
New York Daily News (2nd January 2000)
New York Post (5th January 2000)
New York Times Elias, Justine “Science fiction’s final frontier, perhaps”
(Television) (2nd January 2000).
– Cover story.
New York Times Biersdorfer, J.D. “Ideas and trends: noone’s Brave New World :
Sci-Fi TV runs aground” (Week in Review) (6th February 2000).
– ***Needs to be checked for content***
Newsday “Not for nerds only: the SCI-FI channel is expanding the audience for otherworldy tales” (31st March 2000)
Ottawa Citizen (11th December 1998)
Ottawa Sun PC “Lexx arms itself with sex, humour” (8th December 1998)
Ottawa Sun Dawson, Anne “Looking for ‘action!’” (18th August 1999)
Ottawa Sun McLeod, Tyler “Wacky sci-fi takes serious turn” (11th April 2000)
– season 3
Playback Lezzi, Teressa “Lexx goes HD” (26th July 1999), p. 25.
Playback “Lexx to air on Sci-Fi” (18th October 1999), p. 12
Playback Swedico, Pamela “Lexx in Space” (16th November 1998), p. 16.
Playback Tolusso, Susan “Chum, Salter at NATPE” (21st February 2000), p. 9.
Playback International (Winter 2000)
St John’s Telegram (Canada) (10th October 1999)
Sci-Fi (February 2000)
Science Fiction World Burton, Emma “Hell and high water” no. 1 (June 2000), p. 36-39.
– Season 3 with Xenia and Brian.
Science Fiction World Mosby, John “Didn’t you used to be?…” no. 1
(June 2000), p. 39-40.
– Nigel Bennett
Seattle Times McFarland, Melanie “Expecting post-holiday blues? …” (Arts and Entertainment section) (24th December 1999)
– Short review
Seattle Times McFarland, Melanie “Who needs acting when you can have wheels and babes?” (Arts and Entertainment section) (7th January 2000)
– short review.
SFX Haley, Guy “Lexx and Violence” (September 1998) p. 60-67- season 2.
SFX no. 43 (October 1998)
SFX Brown, Anthony “Lexx appeal” no. 49 (March 1999) p. 62-64.
– Interview with Xenia Seeberg.
SFX Haley, Guy “Lexx season 2” no. 52 (June 1999) p. 87.
– Review.
SFX Haley, Guy “How Lexxy are you?” (September 1999) p. 72-74.
– quiz involving the three stars.
SFX Poleczko, Gwidon “Lexx Volumes 1&2” no. 55 (September 1999) p. 96.
– Review.
SFX no. 56 (October 1999)
– video review
SFX “Event Horizon – TV preview” no. 58 (December 1999), p. 8.
– photo of season 3.
SFX Golder, Dave “Lexx review v. 2.3 and 2.4” no. 60 (January 2000), p. 99
SFX Yardley, Frank “Lexx Season 3” no. 62 (March 2000) p. 97
– Review.
SFX “Reader’s Awards” no. 62 (March 2000) p. 34,35,45 and 48.
SFX Scott, Cavan “Lexx” no. 65 (June 2000), p. 101
– Review of Volumes 2.7 and 2.8 of tapes
Starburst Special no. 43 (March 2000)
– Season 3 with Xenia.
Starburst no. 247 (February 1999)
– Brian Downey.
Starburst no. 253 (September 1999) p. 42-47
-Interview with the three stars during their visit to the UK.
Starburst Binding, Lee “The heat is on!” no. 260 (April 2000), p. 26-30.
– season 3.
Starlog Spelling, Ian “Alien Love Slave” no. 272 (March 2000) p. 60-63
– Interview with Xenia Seeberg.
Starweek Magazine (Toronto Star) (5th December 1998)
Sudbury Star (Ontario) (13th May 2000)
Sun Sentinel (Florida) “Bad acting, poor plot : There is no Lexx appeal” (7th January 2000)
Sunday Daily News (Toronto) Cranston, Maria “Lexxheads converge from far
and wide” (15th August 1999), p. ?.
Time-Out Paddington, Daniel “Lexx appeal proves that sci-fi can come with a
sense of humour” (December 1997)
Toronto Sun Dawson, Anne “PM : eye for space babes: checks out set for sci-fi
television series” (18th August 1999)
TV and Satellite Week (23-29th January 1999)
TV Guide Bland, Christopher “Lexx appeal” (10-16th June 2000), p 25-27.
TV Guide (5-11 December ?)
TV Zone no. 102 (May 1998)

***TV Zone – reviews in 112,113 and 115***

TV Zone Wright, Jonathan “Interview Lexx – Michael McManus – dead on
the money”, no. 108 (November 1998)
TV Zone no. 118 (August/September 1999) p. 28-31
-Interview with Brian Downey
TV Zone Spragg, Paul “Xenia Seeberg – slave to love” no. 119 (September 1999)
TV Zone Wright, Jonathan “Reviews – B14-B20” no. 118 (August/September 1999)
TV Zone Graydon, Danny “Review: Fire and Water” no. 124 (March 2000)
TV Zone Spragg, Paul “Interview Lexx : Paul Donovan in his element” no. 124
(February/March 2000) p. 16-21
– Interview with Paul Donovan, mainly about season 3.
TV Zone no. 129 (July 2000)
– Xena on season 3, Paul on season 4 (?)
USA Today Bianco. Robert “How to best describe…” (Life Section)
(7th January 2000) p. 14E.
– Bad review of season 3.
Variety Kelly, Brendan “Less breaks pudding curse” (10-25 January 1998)
Winnipeg Sun St Germain, Pat “Lexx appeal” (7th December 1998)
Winnepeg Sun St. Germain, Pat “A starship Enterprise, Star Wars,
Lexx actors beam down for the 17th Keycon sci-fi convention” (19th May 2000)
Xpose “Brigadoom…” no. 10 (1999-2000 Yearbook)

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Prepared by Karen Pender-Gun (to 25-August-2000)
Not for reproduction without the authors express permission

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