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This is a Guide to one of the most overt Cult Sci Fi shows on TV. The Sci Fi channel commissioned a series for March 2004 and the many people around the world who downloaded the show via the Internet were then able to see it on the little screen.

Trippin’ Episodes

 A detailed review of each of the shows including pictures and comments. Most of the shows have been reviewed but not all of them.

Trippin’ People

Biographies of the most important cast members. And even some of the not so important ones.

The Trippin’ Cultures

This section describes each of the races encountered by our intrepid crew.  We even have a race rating of each of the cultures just to let you know what they are really like!

The Famous Tripping the Rift Purity Test

Yes it is!  It’s very famous (at least in the street where I live it is!) Test your Trippin’ knowledge, ingenuity and silliness.

Trippin’ Ships

Learn about the wonky ships in the TTR universe. Some of really cool, others aren’t.

Interviews: Director Bernie Denk

Checkout the interview with the director for the shows, Bernie Denk who provided some cool insights to the show.

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