Babylon 5: Character Bios: Alfred Bester

Bester is an absolute tosspot and well played by Walter Koenig of Star Trek fame. He really looks the part doesn’t he? He is a high ranking Psi Cop and completely dedicated to the Psi Corps. He has one of the highest telepath ratings on Earth.

BesterIf you were drinking with Bester in a pub you would probably be asking, “…….. what about him/her, does he/she like me?….

He is convinced that the Psi Corps are ‘special people‘ who will one day inherit the Earth. Bester is opposed to the Shadows interference with the Psi corps and has assisted Babylon 5 not only against the Shadows but also against President Clark for allowing the Shadows infiltration. He is not a lovable character but he is vulnerable.

Bester is married with a daughter, but he has a mistress, Carolyn, whom he loves dearly. Unfortunately, the shadows captured and bio-genetically altered her. Dr Franklin is trying to undo the damage and Bester will continue to help Sheridan in return for his efforts to ensure Carolyn’s well being.

Bester is evil certainly, but he is also a little pathetic. – Sometimes!

His best episode was The Face of the Enemy when we learned that it was Bester who had turned Garibaldi into such a git by fiddling with his mind. Bester is chuffed to bits with what Garibaldi had done for him in finding out about Edgars attempt to subjugate the Psi Corps and explains that he managed to get control of Garibaldi during the Shadows attempts to adjust his mind.

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Bester realised that he had the power to keep a close eye on Babylon 5 through the mind of Garibaldi. He used Garibaldi’s natural rebellious streak to hide the old personality under a new one. Bester explained to Garibaldi in the end that if he were to release him from his mind alteration, he would not be able to go home or see his friends. The other option was to kill him.  He decided to release Garibaldi.

Wadda star! If you’re going to be a baddie, you might as well be a really despicable one!

“You know the real reason you don’t like me, Commander ? It’s the jealousy of evolution. Normals like you are obsolete. The future belongs to telepaths .. and I intend to make sure that future happens. one way or another.”
Bester to Ivanova, Ship of Tears.

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