Babylon 5: S05E21: Objects at Rest

The penultimate episode of the Babylon 5 story. The next episode, Sleeping in Light simply tidies up some loose ends.

The show opens with Sheridan in C&C. It’s late at night and he can’t sleep. Lockley joins him and they talk about all that has happened in the last year. The new Alliance HQ is almost finished and he and Delenn can go at any time. Sheridan is finding it hard to leave Babylon 5.

Vir helps the NarnA Narn Geezer called Ta’Lon is outside G’Kar’s apartment. There is no answer because G’Kar of course, left with Lyta. A helpful Vir is passing bay and tells Ta’Lon that G’Kar has gone. Ta’Lon is surprised since he received a message from G’Kar only days earlier asking to see him. Ta’Lon overrides G’Kar’s door security lock and when he enters, finds a message from his old friend G’Kar.

G’Kar explains that he has had to leave Babylon 5 early and that he, Ta’Lon will now be the new Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5.

“You may believe you are not ready, but you are as ready as I was when I first came to Babylon 5. Check the records, I think you’ll be amused….. Good luck, Ta’Lon. Serve our people reasonably, fairly, and with honour. The rest will attend to itself. ” G’Kar was as eloquent as usual.

In the Zoccolo Franklin is talking with his colleague Dr. Hobbs. He tells her that he will soon be leaving Babylon 5 (good grief – it’s like the place is infested with a disease or something – IS NOBODY STAYING!). He ads that he has chosen her to become the MedLab Chief of Staff. Dr Hobbs is surprised, but Franklin tells her that she is a competent generalist and that is what is needed. He congratulates her and then leaves to say goodbye to Sheridan.

Lennier pays a visit to his friend (and the woman he loves) Delenn and in Sheridan’s office the lovely Tessa is briefing him on minor security details. Zack and Lockley nod in agreement as she tells them how she is slightly concerned that there seems to be little to worry about (with the possible exception of a minor skirmish between the Brakiri and Drazi).

Garibaldi addresses the new directorsOn Mars, Garibaldi entertains a group of employees who are known to be rather ‘acidic’. They are the sort of people that are considered to have an attitude problem or be insubordinate. Garibaldi also believes them to be intelligent and loyal (and that’s why he chose them). One of the group tries to pre-empt Garibaldi by accusing him of gathering them together to be fired. The ambivalent Baldi however, calmly explains that they are now the new directors and that they should feel free to complain about what they feel isn’t right. He says this will keep him on his toes. If they are right, then they will receive a bonus, if they are wrong – he’ll eat them for breakfast!

In customs we see Franklin leave. He is another one that leaves alone. Ok, so he’s said his goodbyes, but I can’t help feeling that it’s a little unfriendly.

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In Sheridan’s quarters there is a tense and mildly amusing meeting between Lennier and Sheridan. Lennier has been helping Delenn pack and when Sheridan enters Delenn makes some excuse to leave the room. Perhaps she wanted the two blokes to make up or something. The exchange is terse and strained. How many times have we been stuck in such situations? Yer partners good friend is a complete and utter dork but you have to be polite and pretend that you don’t, after all, think that they have a head shaped like a novelty condom. Delenn finally arrives back and says that they are now ready to leave – everything is packed.

Delenn says byeAs they journey to the customs area, the transport tube opens at the Zoccolo where a hundred or so people are gathered to pay their respects. Lockley rather apologetically mentions that the ISN broadcast that they were leaving and would he mind saying a few words. Sheridan looks to Delenn to say their final goodbye (she’s so much more eloquent that he).

When they arrive at customs they meet Zack. Sheridan is pleased that ‘one of the old crowd’ is there to see them off. Sheridan, Delenn and Lennier (without looking back) make their way to the flyer waiting to take them to Minbar.

Lennier thinks that it would be symbolic if Sheridan and Delenn take command of the ship on the trip to Minbar. Sheridan’s first command is to bring the ship about – he wants to take one last look at the Station.

Bye boss!The ship gracefully turns and faces the observation window at C&C. As the camera zooms from the flight window of the Whitestar straight into the Babylon 5 control centre. There we see Lockley, Ta’Lon, Dr Hobbs, Tessa, Vir and Lt. Corwin saluting the President of the Alliance. They all gathered to see him off.  Bye you guys!  (sob)It was a mark of respect that touched Sheridan and the salute gratefully returned. After a moment, Sheridan orders the ship away. I reckon if you were going to shed a tear for the passing of a great series, this would be the time to do it. This scene was nicely done and quite moving.

As they travel to Minbar, Sheridan is fidgety. He decides to go for a walk but he walks into an emergency! Some coolant fluid is escaping and the corridor is sealed off. Sheridan rushes to help a stranded ranger but is himself, trapped. Lennier arrives moments later, but instead of releasing the door lock, he leaves.!! Sheridan is shocked. Lennier has second thoughts later, but by the time he returns, Sheridan and the Ranger have been rescued by another crewmember. As Sheridan recovers from the fumes, he notices Lennier looking on, horrified at what he’d done.

"Erm.... I tried to kill yer hubby!"Delenn arrives and asks what happened, but Lennier does a runner. Later Sheridan and Delenn discuss what happened in the privacy of their own quarters. Sheridan is understandably upset by what happened, but is sensitive to Delenn’s feelings. (Sometimes Sheridan is just too cool to be believable. Imagine someone who fancies your wife has just tried to kill you. What would you do?)

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Delenn tries to explain what must have happened. She wasn’t trying to defend Lennier, she told Sheridan that sometimes Minbari experience a moment of madness. That’s a lame excuse! We ALL experience moments of madness, hell I have moments of madness all the time! …. erm…. They decide to give Lennier some time to think about what has happened before they discuss it with him.

The view over MinbarSheridan and Delenn arrive on Minbar and they look to the horizon of their new home. Ya just godda be impressed. The Minbari are really cool landscape gardeners and their architects aren’t too bad either. Sheridan is certainly impressed. He receives another pleasant surprise when he hears Londo’s voice behinds him, “Still walking around with your head in the clouds, eh, Sheridan?”

The two are clearly pleased to see each other and later, Londo, Sheridan and Delenn have an enjoyable meal together as old friends.

Londo and his shoulder buddieDuring the laughing and joking however, Delenn seems to sense Londo’s keeper, clasped to his shoulder like a big grub. She is shocked and worried by this and the keeper quickly controls Londo to divert Delenn’s concentration. I’m not quite sure how much Delenn understands what she has seen, but it sure as hell gave me the willies!

Londo tries to make light of their confrontation on Centauri Prime. He explains that ‘there is politics and there is friendship’. When he heard that Delenn was pregnant and returning to Minbar to stay, ‘how could he not come and convey his personal good wishes?’

Londo then gives Delenn and Sheridan a present, a silver urn. It’s for their child when he/she reaches the age of 16. Delenn is overwhelmed (I don’t know why, good grief, he’s Emperor for goodness sake – all he’s given her is an urn!). Londo however, insists. He has no children and when he has gone, he suspects the Centarum will do everything they can to eliminate the position of emperor. If he and the urn were going to become obsolete, he wanted to make sure it ended up where it would be appreciated. HOWEVER. The urn contains a keeper!! Which is no doubt meant for the person who most likely would be the most powerful single person in the Galaxy. Wadda horrible present! Getting a gangly mind-numbing keeper for your 16th birthday.  Mind you, do you remember what you were like when you were 16. I can’t imagine the keeper having much fun trying to control a 16-year-old with raging hormones.

Delenn talks to LennierDelenn leaves for a moment to answer a call. Lennier has escaped the Minbar and gorn orff to ‘fine himself’. He is justifiably very upset by his actions and needs to come to terms with his feelings and find a way to make it up to Delenn (and Sheridan). He promises to return but we all get the impression that it will not be for a good many years. “That is unnecessary. While I’m no longer sure of a great many things, there’s one thing I do know with absolute certainty. We will meet again, Delenn. And on that day, though I know I will…never earn your love…I will earn your forgiveness. Until then, if you would, honour my memory…and be happy. For my sake…and for his.”

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Shortly after, Londo bits his friends a fond farewell (or as fond as you can get when you’ve just left their offspring a present of a keeper). When he has returned to his ship he hears the voice of a Drakh. It tells Londo that he did well and that now all that is required is to await the passage of years.

Farewell Londo!!This is the last we see of Londo. As a final scene I was left perplexed and worried for him. We will not learn before the end of the season, if he ever manages to overcome the Drakh (and more importantly his keeper).

Back on Minbar the urn sits on a shelf next to a framed photograph of Sheridan and Delenn. Inside the urn, we see Londo’s legacy, the sleeping Keeper.

Sheridan can’t sleep. He gets out of bed and walks to the next room where he begins a recording to his child. The recording is an advisory message meant for his/her twenty-first birthday (coming of age) and Sheridan begins a long monologue. A few hours later, Sheridan is completing the speech and Delenn appears in the doorway, she remembers the advice that Sheridan’s father gave to him and completes the sentence, “Never start a fight, but always finish it.” Sheridan stops the recording and Delenn sits next to him. Delenn, they cuddle. Sheridan and Delenn leave a message.“Have I told you today how much I love you?” He says.

“Yes. But you may continue to repeat it for as long as you like.” Adds Delenn with a smile.

“Oh, I plan to. Every day…that I can.” Sheridan replies and they hold each other tenderly.

And that was that. Babylon 5 is left in the hands of a new crew. The main characters are dispersed throughout the Galaxy and Sheridan and Delenn have moved the Alliance headquarters from Babylon 5 to Minbar. Everything seems to be tied up nicely – Except for Londo that is. Mind you, how should you end a saga like Babylon 5. The next episode, Sleeping in Light can not really be considered to be the final episode (good though it is)– it’s more like an epilogue.

The finality of the epsiode shouldn’t detract from it’s awesomeness – 38,114 out of 10.
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