Battlestar Galactica: Personnel: CPO Tyrol

Name: Tyrol
Rank: Cheif Petty Office
rAge: 32
Race: Caprican

Tyrol is the Chief Petty Officer aboard the Galactica. His job is ensure the mechanical well being of the Galactica and her various space craft. Tyrol is also the enlisted mans’ connection with the high ranking officers. He is a seasoned solider who’s seen and fixed almost every problem a ship can have. Or so he likes to think.

Many pilots have complained of frequent serial failures of spacecraft systems. But its more likely that they’re just ribbing the high strung CPO. one such pilot Boomer, uses it as an excuse to get him all hot and bothered, then to have sex with him! If having my technical work is all that’s needed to get laid, then…If you were to meet Tyrol in a bar, he’d be enjoying a beer. He’d probably even by you one, if you were a hard working member of his crew. And he’d be just as likely to boot you out if you out if you insulted the enlisted men under his command.Tyrol is absolutely dedicated to the his crewmen and women.

He doesn’t care for quick big decisions that effect the lives of humans. To him its human life first. In part 1 of the miniseries, the Galactica was nuked and his fire control teams were sent to dispatch. To prevent the fires from spreading to the fuel lines and destroy the ship, Col Tigh ordered the hatches opened to space the fires, and the firemen! This maneuver saved the ship, but killed 86 members of Tyrol’s crew.

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To this day Tyrol believes that Tigh acted too quickly and there was enough time to save the damage control teams. Needless to say, Tigh is not welcome in Tyrol’s ship bays.

Tyrol is played by Aaron Douglas.

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