Battlestar Galactica: Personnel: President Laura Roslin

Name: Laura Roslin
Rank: President of the Colonies
Age: 48
Race: Corsican


In a Galaxy of Hotshot Pilots and dishonest Politicians, President Roslin is a breath of fresh air. Honest and empathetic to a fault she held the previous office of Secretary of Education before ascending over 40 places to achieve the rank of Presidency following the destruction of the original Colonies.

During the Second Cylon-Human war the President was championed by Commander Adamas eldest son “Apollo”. Along with saving the President and her convey he assisted her in achieving legitamacy in her office. He also helped her later become the first Woman, or Human for that matter to dress down and reverse an order from Commander Adama. She finally convinced him Humanity had lost the war and needed to now survive.

However Laura Roslins candle burns at both ends. In the Universe of Battlestar Galactica she has been stricken with mankinds second greatest enemy: Cancer. What the future holds for her, none can say.

If you were to meet President Roslin in a bar you and everyone else would buy her a drink and cheer to her visionary attitude.

Roslin is played by Mary McDonnell

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